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Breaking News Alert This Week In Lawfare Land: What Happens Next?

Republicans, Look To Florida For A Lesson In Dealing With The Corrupt Corporate Media

White House media members
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The corporate media has a clear left-wing agenda, and the faster Republicans acknowledge that the better they will be at counteracting it.


The corporate media has a clear left-wing agenda, and the faster Republicans acknowledge that the better they will become at skillfully calling out media activists and their Democrat-informed narratives. An example out of Florida this week is a perfect lesson in how it’s done.

Not only is Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis an expert in dishing out cheeky responses to journos during press conferences and exposing the corporate media’s hoaxing, but other bureaucrats in the Floridian’s administration have also taken hints from the state leader and begun to tactfully reject the press’s deceitful advances.

Just this week, a New Yorker “fact-checker” reached out to the Florida Department of Health demanding an on-background call. When the department’s press secretary Jeremy Redfern requested that the journalist put her questions in writing, the corporate media employee responded with snark and demanded to speak with someone else.

“I believe that speaking with a fact-checker on background to better understand publicly available data is an important and necessary function of the Florida Health Department,” she wrote in correspondence with Redfern. “Is there someone else I can speak with to answer my questions?”

Cue the takedown.

“Being a ‘fact-checker’ does not grant you any special privileges. If anything, that makes me more inclined to get a written record of what you are looking for, as the ‘fact-checking’ industry gets the ‘facts’ wrong on a regular basis. Someone has to be here to fact-check the fact-checkers,” Redfern replied, adding, “This isn’t a ‘can I speak to your manager’ type of situation.”

Redfern rejected the journo’s premise that media “fact-checkers” are somehow entitled to certain privileges when they demand Republicans’ attention because he knows the media aren’t trustworthy enough to have earned it.

The “fact-checking” industry is a shady arrangement between Big Tech and leftist corporate media outlets to promote corrupt, partisan spin written by liars. Fact-checkers have masked the truth about Covid-19 and the Wuhan lab, green energy, and abortion, and they even twisted a black Senator’s family history, so why on Earth should a health department that was repeatedly targeted by the media, Twitter, and Facebook’s censorship scheming during the peak of the pandemic suddenly trust a self-professed “fact-checker” to accurately represent their interests now?

They shouldn’t.

The default assumption among Republican officials and bureaucrats should always be that the corporate media is hostile and acting in bad faith because they are. And history proves that.

The media will try to use the “can I speak to your manager” pressure to bully conservatives and Republican-run organizations into giving them enough information they can use against them, but anyone associated with the right should never even give them a chance

Yet another thing Redfern got right in his exchange with The New Yorker was that he insisted on emailed questions that could be easily preserved and recorded.

Why? DeSantis’s snappy spokeswoman explained in a reply to Redfern’s post that this written record stops the corrupt media from lying about the information you did or didn’t give them, which they have done over and over and over.

“Exactly! Not only is it the smartest way to deal with media activists, to get everything in writing so there is a paper trail — but also, in Florida, the Sunshine Laws mean that journalists’ communications with state employees are public records,” she tweeted.

Having a paper trail prevents the corporate media from claiming things that didn’t actually happen. Or by omitting important, contextual information.

When the media wants to talk, all evidence of their deceitful practices suggests you should just ignore them. If you do choose to give them your time, do it wisely. Set measurable parameters for the conversation. Know they have a narrative, and it’s your job to sniff it out and squash it. And always remember their reputation. If dishonest journos act up, pull a Donald Trump and walk out.