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Ron DeSantis Gives Master Class On How To Respond To Propaganda Press Over Dem Hoaxes


Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis understands the media better than any other governor in America. By redefining what it means to run a conservative governorship in the COVID era, DeSantis has become a mascot on the right and a villain on the left. Or in other words, a prime target of a hostile media establishment that was eager to prop up Andrew Cuomo and Stacey Abrams.

DeSantis, therefore, is no stranger to dubious reporting from propagandists who masquerade as objective crusaders for the truth, whether it be a made-up scandal from “60 Minutes” or an NBC hit piece that complained about DeSantis vaccinating holocaust survivors. On Thursday, DeSantis displayed his understanding of the corporate press with a free master class on how to approach lynchpin issues.

On the one-year anniversary of the Capitol riot, DeSantis went on a tangent about the Democrats’ obsession with the roughly two-hour turmoil which Vice President Kamala Harris equated to Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in the same morning.

“I think it’s going to end up being a politicized Charlie Foxtrot today,” DeSantis said. “I don’t expect anything good to come out of anything that Pelosi and the gang are doing. I don’t expect anything from the corporate press to be enlightening. I think it’s going to be nauseating, quite frankly.”

DeSantis went on to raise issue with the federal government’s secrecy surrounding the events Democrats claim are so important to probe while investigations instead have focused on private citizens who have no connection to the chaos.

“I do think that if you have this Jan. 6 Committee, why do we not know some of the people who we know were really involved in orchestrating this? They got pulled off the most-wanted list,” DeSantis said, in reference to new reporting that the FBI silently stripped names from its website on the same day The New York Times revealed agency informants were in the crowd.

“I think that this is something that has really been used for political narrative and posturing purposes. I don’t think it’s been effective,” DeSantis added. “People here in Florida, they care about inflation and they care about gas prices and education and crime. … There is an obsession with this amongst the D.C., New York journalist class and again I think it’s because it allows them to spin a narrative that they want to spin.”