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Kamala Explains It All: ‘Ukraine Is A Country’


Our very articulate Vice President Kamala Harris wants Americans wondering about the Eastern European conflict dominating news cycles to know that “Ukraine is a country.”

“So Ukraine is a country in Europe,” Harris explained indignantly in a radio interview on Tuesday. “It exists next to another country called Russia.”

When asked by the “Morning Hustle” radio show hosts what to make of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in layman’s terms, Harris dumbed down her explanation of the complex overseas crisis beyond parody.

“Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically that’s wrong. And it goes against everything that we stand for,” Harris said.

There it is, folks. The international panic over a conflict that could have been avoided if her administration had taken action months ago, explained in just a few short sentences. I’m sure Putin is quaking in his Kremlin boots right now.

After neglecting her duties as czar for President Joe Biden’s Southern border crisis, Harris recently traveled to Germany to negotiate security for Ukraine’s border as Russia threatened to invade. Harris’s quick trip across the pond implies that her knowledge of the Ukraine situation extends beyond being able to name which continent it’s on, yet, the more the vice president tried to delineate Russia’s motives for invading to U.S. listeners, the less informed she sounded.

“There are terms that we use. We say we respect the sovereignty, the territorial integrity of a country, right, their independence. Russia has gone into Ukraine militarily, unprovoked, with no justification other than to exercise its power to take over another country,” Harris said. “So essentially, that’s what’s at stake and we as America are saying that’s wrong. And we will stand with Ukraine in saying that that is wrong. But that’s essentially where we are. That’s essentially the issue and when it comes to what we know to be principles of fairness, we know that what Russia is doing is wrong.”

“Essentially,” Harris’s weird, robotic analysis proves that the same buffoons who botched the Afghanistan withdrawal and are running our country into the ground have no idea what’s going on in Ukraine and they have no idea how to stop it.

“We threatened sanctions to hopefully deter Russia from going in,” Harris insisted. “So we basically you know, like, if you’re a parent, and you tell your children ‘well, if you do this, the punishment is going to be that,’ right. And we hope that by doing that, it will deter our children from doing the wrong thing, right? So that’s deterrence.”

Harris can preach on any obscure radio show about raining “severe consequences and accountability” on Vladimir Putin in the form of sanctions but the truth is the White House and other Western nations missed their window of opportunity to prevent a war.

Neither the vice president nor the president is the most eloquent or coherent communicator our country has heard but Harris’s recent babblings about Ukraine take the cake. Is this garbled, nonsensical word vomit what we get when our politicians choose people for leadership positions based on their sex and race?