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Was Amir Locke Helping A Murder Suspect? Leftists In Media Won’t Like That Critical Question

The media are again ready to push a narrative about cops gunning down innocent black men without giving the facts a second to see daylight.


It certainly looked like Minneapolis law enforcement screwed up cosmically in their pre-dawn home raid that resulted last week in the shooting death of 22-year-old Amir Locke, a black man. Unfortunately for the BLM people, the national media have already shot their wad on a bunch of nonexistent race and police controversies.

Locke’s case might turn out to be just as dubious as the rest and if it does, it will have been so predictable.

Available evidence indicates that cops used a no-knock warrant to force their way into an apartment where within 10 seconds they found Locke asleep on a couch in the living room and shot him three times. Police body camera footage appears to show Locke under a blanket and coming to as multiple cops are heard yelling, “Police search warrant!” “Get on the ground!” and, “Get on the f-cking ground!” According to police, Locke is then seen drawing a gun and that’s when he was fired upon.

He did not appear to be wanted by law enforcement and reportedly had no criminal history.

The media’s natural instinct is to spin this into another tale about an innocent black man shot in cold blood (which, contrary to what they say, essentially never happens).

Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post wrote Monday with great melodrama, “How many times have we rolled this damn rock up the hill? And how many times has it rolled right back down, snuffing out the life of yet another innocent Black victim?”

There’s no problem with an individual keeping a gun (or many guns!) nearby for safety. This is, after all, Biden’s America. But I keep wondering why Locke was, according to his family’s lawyer, staying at his cousin’s home, yet still felt the need to cling to a firearm as he slept.

The answer isn’t publicly available as of now, but CBS affiliate WCCO in Minneapolis reported Tuesday that police had arrested 17-year-old Mekhi Camden Speed in relation to the homicide that was tied to the search warrant leading to Locke’s death. Speed, according to the report, is Locke’s cousin.

A man named Otis Elder was fatally shot in nearby St. Paul, Minn., on Jan. 10. WCCO reported that police had been “intending to arrest the teen suspect and two associates for murder and aiding an offender after the fact” and that Locke was in one of three apartments that police had obtained a warrant to search. Speed was not in that same apartment.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that the apartment where Locke was found was not Speed’s at all, but that he did have “access” to it. Again, the details aren’t yet clear but Amelia Huffman, the interim Minneapolis police chief, said in a press conference last week that investigators searched that apartment and recovered “items that they believe are of evidentiary value in their homicide investigation.” The Star-Tribune also reported that when Elder was shot, according to police, he was on the phone with someone who told the authorities that “it sounded like Elder was conducting a drug transaction [and] the phone call then abruptly ended.”

To recap: Locke’s family asserts that he was spending the night at a cousin’s home. A man who is reportedly Locke’s cousin has been taken into police custody and is suspected to be involved in the killing of Otis Elder. Police obtained items “of evidentiary value” to the homicide case from the apartment where Locke was staying.

Someone might guess that Elder’s death was drug-deal related and that the person who killed him might have been worried that there would be retaliation. Maybe that person wanted friends or relatives nearby for protection. We don’t know yet.

None of it is to say Locke deserved to die. But it is to say that the corrupt corporate media are once again ready to push a narrative about cops gunning down innocent black men without giving the facts a second to see daylight.

There’s a good guess as to how this will turn out. And if that guess is wrong, blame the media for making it so hard to believe what they say about the police and race.