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7 Problematic Things With ‘The Life Of Linda’ That Require Cancellation, STAT

Life of Linda graphic

Biden’s new infographic depicting ‘The Life of Linda’ for his ‘Build Back Better’ campaign is so problematic, I don’t even know where to start.


I am literally shaking right now. I can’t believe the Biden administration is creating such an unsafe space. On the internet, no less, where it literally affects the whole globe.

Their new infographic depicting “The Life of Linda” for their “Build Back Better” campaign is so problematic, I don’t even know where to start. If Joe Biden wants to really be an ally with the oppressed of the world, it’s time for him and the entire White House to do the work.

That work starts with getting their language right. Right here in the first slide, however, the gender-normative oppression begins.

Just let me count the ways this image equals genocide.

1. Erasing Trans People

For one, they use the offensive term “pregnant woman.” Biden got this right with using “birthing people” instead before, so why not in public advertisements like this one? As even the Centers for Disease Control and aging House Democrats have established, it’s not just women who become pregnant. It’s also transgender women and, soon, robots.

2. Forcing Gender Onto a Genderless Womb Occupant

Second, the image above also misgenders the misshapen blob sucking the life out of Linda’s body. We can’t know a person’s gender until that person himself, herself, or xyrself identifies it through a mystical experience of the Inchoate Self.

3. Fetuses Aren’t People

Thirdly, the image above falsely attributes personhood to womb invaders. Babies aren’t people unless they are wanted.

4. Erasing Trans People, Part II

Fourthly, the White House missed a golden opportunity to enlighten Americans and celebrate trans individuals by replacing the dated “Linda” with a transwoman, perhaps one named “Larry,” if Democrats still have to somehow get votes from those disgusting flyover swamp creatures to cement their universal brotherhood of political power. The world needs not more white-presenting, white-named Lindas — which kind of sounds like Karen, when you think about it —  but a more vibrant and forward-thinking image of a female “Larry.”

The Biden administration figured this out by naming a completely unqualified transgender woman to a four-star admiralcy last week. That’s what we’re going for here. Stop regressing.

5. Missed Opportunities to Prove Government Saves

Here’s another highly problematic image in this series.


I cannot believe the Biden administration did not increase OSHA protections for manufacturing workers to prevent Linda’s hearing loss. Since government decrees can save lives, it’s unthinkable that Biden wouldn’t show how government can truly assume god-like powers and prevent all suffering, want, and need —  if only people do what it says.

6. Literally Killing People

None of the people in these depictions are wearing masks. Since the Centers for Disease Control is indicating this devastating pandemic will go on for at least three more years, after which we will need to pursue lockdowns to stop the climate apocalypse and limit the human population, this is an unconscionable image decision that will kill billions.

7. Cultural Appropriation

As the racially distinguished womyn notes below in her reply to a domestic terrorist, these images also display cultural appropriation by mimicking the work of indigenous Chinese artists.

The Biden administration has worked really hard to be a lot better than the Obama administration at fighting white men and championing government as their replacement so all people who aren’t white can live as their authentic selves. But they can’t even do better than President Obama’s Life of Julia?

I literally can’t even. I’m so overwhelmed with all the evil in the world right now. I need a personal health day.