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WATCH: Actor Jon Voight Calls Out Antisemitic ‘Liberal Fools’ For Targeting Jews

Jon Voight

Amid increasing attacks on Jewish people and the Middle East conflict, Jon Voight called out “liberal fools,” asking, “What is wrong with you all?”


Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight released a scathing video in which he called out the left for its increasing antisemitism.

“What’s wrong with everyone? Can’t you see this horror? The horror, attacking Jews,” Voight said. “I’m sick and tired of you followers, you liberal non-thinkers who only follow and bash and don’t see what the truths are. The Jews have been attacked for centuries. Hitler took down millions of innocent Jews and babies and put them in gas chambers. What is wrong with you all?”

“How dare you attack the righteous souls of God’s highest truths in our own streets, in Beverly Hills?” Voight continued. “What are you? You liberal fools. That’s right. Fools. What have you been taught to do? Ruin lives, steal, distort the idea of freedom? Freedom is the American Dream. The Jewish man was taught to love, honor, and respect the morals of the 10 Commandments. What are you liberals teaching? Taking down Israel? You claim to be good, you’re a disgrace to this planet Earth.”

Voight added near the end of his remarks that the antisemitic left will “pay the price.”

The fiery remarks from the actor come amid attacks on Jews across the United States. Much of the violence has occurred in the Democrat strongholds of New York City and Los Angeles. In London, videos circulated of protesters chanting “f-ck the Jews” and “rape their daughters.”

Some Democrat lawmakers have signaled a disavowal of Israel as it fends off attacks from Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., applauded the radical Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement on Monday. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., declined to defend Israel after its retaliation and said, “[W]e must also acknowledge the asymmetry in the situation and acknowledge the vulnerable that has played in the last several weeks of this crisis,” in offering a rebuttal to the idea that the United States ought to provide the weapons to Israel that President Joe Biden approved.

Republicans have continued to voice support for Israel through the conflict. Forty-four GOP senators urged Biden to “unequivocally” back Israel’s right to defend itself.