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Cancel Culture Queen And Online Troll Chrissy Teigen Distraught About Being Canceled And Trolled


Online conspiracy theorists have targeted Chrissy Teigen, a former Sports Illustrated model, celebrity food blogger, and wife of singer John Legend, accusing her of being connected to pedophile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

In response to online allegations that flight logs prove she flew on Epstein’s private jet to Little St. James, also known as “sex slave island,” Teigen has deleted some 60,000 past tweets and blocked 1 million Twitter users. Teigen adamantly denies these rumors. “I have never even met the man,” she tweeted on July 10, “Or been to the island. Or on the plane.”

Online conspiracies connect the Epstein allegations to her past tweets about the hit TLC reality television show “Toddlers & Tiaras.” In one now-deleted tweet from 2011, Teigen wrote, “Seeing little girls do the splits half naked is just … I want to put myself in jail. #toddlersandtiaras” 

In reference to her 2011 tweet, Tiegen wrote on Twitter, “Finding me talking about toddlers and tiaras in 2013 and thinking you’re some sort of f***ing operative.” 

True to Teigen’s bare-all style, she has used Twitter to express her anger and desperation with the embarrassing controversy and widening public relations nightmare. Yesterday, in a hysterical Twitter thread, Teigen wrote, “I have block chained over one million people, ONE MILLION people today and I am still flooded with sick psychopaths. So please, spare me the ‘just ignore them, they’re just trolls.’”

As she attempts to clear her and her family’s name from the sick and twisted Epstein saga, Teigen used Twitter to position herself as a victim of online harassment, saying she fears for her family’s safety. “… I cannot f***ing STAND you idiots anymore and I’m worried for my family”

Teigen is also threatening to leave the platform if Twitter and CEO Jack Dorsey do not find a way to protect her from her online critics, “If twitter doesn’t do something about this *actually scary* harassment, I am gonna have to go.”

If Teigen deletes her Twitter account, she will lose a powerful tool in her self-promotion marketing machine. Even after deleting upwards of one million followers, she still has more than 13 million remaining followers on the platform. At the moment, Teigen’s Twitter account is protected, so people not already following her are unable to see her tweets. 

Ironically, Teigen is one of social media’s most prolific trolls and has unabashedly orchestrated some of the biggest cancel culture online moments. In May, Teigen cancelled New York Times food columnist and blossoming celebrity chef Alison Roman by fueling a Twitter mob that accused Roman of being “racist” because she called Teigen’s cooking website a “content farm.”

Despite being exponentially more wealthy and powerful than upstart blogger chef Roman, Teigen feigned the hurt victim in a now infamous tweet that drew national media attention. For daring to diss a “woman of color’s” empire and brand strategy, Roman’s reputation was torched. Despite issuing an apology to Teigen, The New York Times put Roman’s column on temporary leave and her cookbook promotion was indelibly damaged.  

Last year, Teigen also took it upon herself to cancel and boycott two popular, upscale gyms whose CEOs held fundraisers for President Trump. In a video, Teigen told her 30.6 million Instagram followers: 

Hello. I don’t normally make posts like this, but a lot of my very cool socially aware, progressive, awesome, amazing friends are members of Equinox or SoulCycle. And I just want to let you know that their owner is hosting a giant Trump fund-raiser and so… F- -K THEM. Cancel your memberships today. You can come to my house to work out but yeah, just think about it. If you’re fine with that, cool. Go right ahead. But if you’re not, and I know a lot of you are not fine with that, CANCEL! Thank you.

Candance Owens weighed in on Teigen’s Instagram video, writing, “Multi-millionaire celebrities cutting ties with their 400 dollar-a-month gym because the billionaire owner won’t do what they say is peak first-world problems.”

Ever the mean girl, Teigen responded in a vulgar tweet that should have alarmed her corporate bosses at Target, Hulu, and Revolve, “Oh go the f–k away already, you dumb soulless, pandering ghoul.”  

In a scathing Daily Mail column, Piers Morgan unwrapped Teigen’s Instagram video, dubbing Teigen “the world’s most annoying woman” and “more intolerantly fascist than Trump ever is.” 

In April, 25-year-old model Courtney Stodden accused Teigen of viciously bullying her when Stodden was just 16 and 17 years old. In an Instagram video, Stodden said, “This video is definitely calling out Chrissy Teigen. She stalked me. She harassed me. She bullied me, and keep in mind, I was a minor.”  

Stodden continued: “I saw her in the news the other day and it was something about how she’s saying people are shaming her. Girl, you are a hypocrite… I still see her bullying once in a while but when she comes out saying that she’s stronger than people shaming her- well, you shamed a minor.”

Now that Teigen finds herself on the receiving end of online trolls who threaten her reputation, she doesn’t much like it. As one user on Twitter pointed out, “Chrissy Teigen, twitters biggest bully is scared of being bullied!”