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Chrissy Teigen Is A Giant Twitter Bully

Ellie Bufkin and Madeline Osburn join Ben Domenech to discusses the latest Twitter spat between Chrissy Teigen and the New York Times’ Alison Roman. 



Townhall Staff Writer Ellie Bufkin and Federalist Editor Madeline Osburn join Ben Domenech on another edition of The Federalist Radio Hour. The duo discusses the latest controversy and cries of racism between Chrissy Teigen and the New York Times’ Alison Roman.

Roman, a pastry chef and New York Times columnist, has taken a leave of absence from her food column after making comments in an interview with The New Consumer about how she thought Teigen’s cooking website was a “content farm.”

“I’m glad [Roman] said it. It’s not just Chrissy Teigen, you become a celebrity first and then you become a cook later. It’s this sort of sliding scale of what are the credentials to make you an expert on food, it kind of seems to be you have a kitchen. And your brand is sort of built out from there. So, I love what Alison Roman said,” Bufkin said. “Chrissy Teigen putting extremely elementary recipes on a blog and getting a lot of followers, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s nothing wrong with Alison Roman saying, ‘that’s not what I want for myself.'”

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