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Cleaning Up Rioter Graffiti Is Now Racist

Three women clearing “Black Lives Matter” graffiti from the Lafayette Building in Washington, D.C. were harassed, called “disgusting.”


Joining the ever growing list of actions or words now deemed racist under the new woke world order is cleaning up protestor graffiti on a federal building.

In a video posted on Twitter Tuesday, three white women were spotted clearing “Black Lives Matter” graffiti from the Lafayette Building which houses the Export-Import Bank as a woman recording them harasses the good Samaritans as racists.

“Why are you guys removing Black Lives Matter’s graffiti?” the woman shouted from her car.

“We’re just trying to take care of the paint,” one woman called out.

“Yeah, we tried over there and it wasn’t coming off,” said another pointing to somewhere else where they also tried to clean up the vandalism.

“But why do you want that to come off?” their harasser pushed.

“Because this is a federal building,” one of the women responded.

“So you don’t care about black lives then?” accused the woman recording.

“Not at all, that’s not at all what we’re saying. We certainly do care about black lives.”

“Not enough to leave up a message.”

“We don’t disagree with the message ma’am. It’s just on the building and we’re trying to clean it,” explained one of women.

“Right. Not a great way to use your white privilege ladies. Not great. That’s disgusting.”

The episode, however isolated, marks a continual shift into a new paradigm where anything and everything is now racist in our obsessively woke culture. The fringe Left-wing movement to characterize the United States as an irredeemably racist country where every facet of American life is built to oppress black people has now begun to take serious grip in our mainstream society, and the nation is embracing it.

If you think that’s an extreme predicament, look no further than events unfolding this week.

On Tuesday, an NBC announcer was fired for saying the words, “All Lives Matter.” What a racist.

On Monday, New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Nikole Hannah-Jones – whose piece leading the 1619 Project she was awarded the honor for was substantially corrected – erroneously charged that the Second Amendment was also racist. Considering that the nation’s first freedom’s biggest champions were avid opponents of slavery, it’s a bold-faced lie.

David Harsanyi, who has written a book on the origins of the Second Amendment explains in the National Review:

The right to self-defense, in fact, is incompatible with the idea of slavery — it runs counter to the arguments made by the Founders, even if some of them were hypocrites; counter to the arguments made by many abolitionists and the early civil-rights leaders; and counter to the arguments made by Second Amendment advocates today.

The novel Wuhan coronavirus, which its name itself is apparently discriminatory (it’s not), is also a racist virus.

“White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19,” read a letter signed by dozens of public health professionals on Monday. That’s after CNN’s endless coverage on how the virus is disproportionately impacting African-Americans.

While the list of items to charge Americans of racism with continues to grow, white liberals are actively bowing down to atone for the sins of past generations in a new bizarre form of collective white guilt.