Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn is a staff editor at the Federalist and the producer of the Federalist Radio Hour.She graduated from Abilene Christian University. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter.
Jury Rules Against David Daleiden, Undercover Journalists In Federal Planned Parenthood Case

The jury in a federal civil trial ruled Daleiden and his colleagues at the Center for Medical Progress must pay Planned Parenthood $870,000.

Transcript Of President Trump’s First Call With President Zelensky Blows Up Impeachment Narrative

The newly declassified transcript disproves allegations that Trump was withholding a White House meeting as leverage to get investigations into the Bidens or 2016 election meddling.

Schiff’s Committee Published Name Of Alleged Whistleblower Last Week

A transcript published by Schiff’s committee included the unredacted name of Eric Ciaramella, a man alleged to be the anti-Trump whistleblower at the center of impeachment proceedings.

ABC Declares War On Epstein Whistleblower, Then Attacks Trump Jr. For Naming CIA Whistleblower

On ABC’s “The View” Thursday morning, host Abby Huntsman attacked guest Donald Trump Jr. for his tweet naming the White House whistleblower at the same time ABC network executives were hunting down and punishing their own internal whistleblower.

CNN, MSNBC Give More Minutes To Middle East Violence Than Murders At The U.S. Border

CNN and MSNBC have alotted more air time to discussing the Kurds than the U.S. citizen victims of horrific violence just miles from the U.S. border.

Relatives Of Family Slain In Mexico Say Cartel Attack Was No Accident

Relatives of the 9 women and children U.S. citizens murdered in Mexico say the family was used ‘as bait to lure one cartel against another.’

Here’s What We Know About The Slaughter Of An American Family In Mexico

Early Monday morning, three mothers traveling with 14 children between them were ambushed and gunned down in Mexico by drug cartel members near the United States Arizona border. Here’s what we know so far.

The Washington Post’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Reporting misconstrued facts, making knowingly deceptive omissions, and writing columns defending terrorists are just a few things Washington Post journalists were up to this week.

Anti-Trump ‘Whistleblower’ Worked With DNC Operative Who Sought Dirt On Trump From Ukrainian Officials

RealClearInvestigations reports the anti-Trump ‘whistleblower’ who prompted the current impeachment proceedings is a registered Democrat who worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan.

No, Kate Upton, Women Are Not Treated Like They Live In The 1950s

If Upton wants to compare the state of the sexes in 2019 to 1950, she will find that women are not just equal to men, but actually at far more of an advantage.

Meet The Very Good Dog Who Chased A Cowardly Terrorist To His Death

Meet the military working dog, and very good boy, who played a key role in the killing of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Jury Sees ABC News Undercover Video That Inspired David Daleiden To Investigate Planned Parenthood

In an ABC News ’20/20′ investigation from 2000, Chris Wallace said reporters went undercover ‘to find out for ourselves how these companies do business.’ Daleiden is being prosecuted for the same thing.

Media Doesn’t Bat One Eye Over Democrat Congresswoman’s Alleged Affairs With Staffers

After alleged reports, including text messages and photos, of Rep. Katie Hill having multiple affairs with employees came out last week, the media remains silent.

Impeachment Out Of Mind, Trump Receives Warm Welcome From Record-Breaking Crowd In Dallas

When talking to supporters both before and after the rally, impeachment seemed to be furthest from their mind.

Why Does NBC News Executive Andy Lack Still Have A Job?

As questions are raised about Andy Lack’s own relationships with women, and the alleged shielding of Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, why is NBC standing behind him?

Judge Suppresses Evidence Of Baby Body Part Trafficking In Planned Parenthood Trial

‘We’re not going into the truth of abortion procedures. I’ve excluded that,’ said Judge William Orrick during the trial of Planned Parenthood v. David Daleiden.

Kylie Jenner’s Office Is A Working Mom’s Dream

As she describes how and she and her team use each space, Jenner continually returns to the unique elements that allow her to simultaneously work and care for her young daughter, Stormi.

NBA Spokesperson Cuts Off Reporter Asking Players About Free Speech

At a press conference in Japan, an NBA spokesperson said a reporter could not ask about the recent NBA fallout with China.

14 Times American Companies Self-Censored Or Apologized To Appease Communist China

Out of fear of financial backlash, U.S. businesses are quick to issue groveling apologies and fold to the demands of both Chinese consumers and the Chinese authorities.

AOC Joins Conservatives to Blast NBA Over Chinese ‘Intimidation Campaign’

‘It’s not unreasonable to expect American companies to put our fundamental democratic rights ahead of profit,’ members of Congress wrote.