Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn

Madeline Osburn is managing editor at The Federalist. Madeline is a graduate of Abilene Christian University. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter.

Local Blob Creature John Bolton Says Traitor Milley Is A-Okay

Instead of clearing Milley’s name, Bolton’s defense is a further indictment of just how far into the highest levels of government the corruption has spread.

In Kylie’s Pregnancy And 10 More, The Kardashians Model Motherhood. Why Not Marriage, Too?

In an age of plummeting marriage and birth rates, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is surprisingly counter-cultural about having babies, but not so much in committing to their babies’ daddies.

No, Pandemic Babies Do Not Have Lower IQs

Sensational headlines left many parents worried, but also confused as to how they would even begin to test their one-year-old’s IQ.

23-Year-Old Marine Days Before She Was Killed In Kabul Attack: ‘I Love My Job’

‘She absolutely loved the work she was doing in Afghanistan and was excited to tell me more about it once she was back home,’ said Gee’s sister.

‘Cooking With Paris’ Is The Iconic Mogul’s Debut As A Domestic Goddess

Netflix’s ‘Cooking with Paris’ is perfectly on-brand, intentionally over-the-top at times, and the perfect introduction to Paris’s next chapter.

CNN’s Brian Stelter Lets Congresswoman Compare Trump To Murder Cult Leader

Stelter allowed Speier to make such a claim without any pushback or even a measly qualifier on a program supposedly dedicated to exposing media malfeasance.

Lebron James Is No Michael Jordan, And That’s Why ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Is A Failure

Hollywood executives misread what exactly made the original ‘Space Jam’ so great, and spike their new version with shameless money-grabs along the way.

Texas GOP Replaces Firebrand Allen West With Former State Rep Who Promises To Keep Texas Red

Matt Rinaldi attempted to straddle this line of accountability and cooperation, saying, ‘We need a chair that will work with — and not for — elected officials.’

Transgender Activists Do Not Want You To Hear Stories Of ‘Gender Transition’ Regret

There is a reason the transgender movement unleashed such immediate and intense pushback for even a mild attempt at highlighting instances of disappointment and regret with hormone therapy.

Here Are The Brands That Contract With Anti-Israel Supermodels Gigi And Bella Hadid

The Hadid sisters are two of the most sought-after celebrity brand ambassadors. Now they are more vocal than ever about their anti-Jewish politics.

How A Year Of Unfounded, Contradictory CDC Guidelines Destroyed That Agency’s Credibility Forever

Will Americans ever be able to trust the CDC again after the agency mismanaged, lied, and bent to politics of this moment? If so, it will take a long time.

Woke Semantics Like ‘Birthing Persons’ Erases Women, Ignores Real Problems In Women’s Health

How can we expect to improve women’s health care when we are focused on re-labeling woman-specific anatomy as to not offend those who have no female anatomy?

University Of Pittsburgh Uses Taxpayer-Funded Aborted Babies For Medical Research

Researchers grafted skin from aborted fetuses onto rodent bodies, creating what they call ‘humanized rat models.’

The New Epidemic: ‘Exhausted’ Journalists Who Literally Can’t Even

Exhausted and burned out journalists are dropping like flies. This is bad news for the republic they have worked so hard and so long to save.

This Man Is All Of Us: America Is ‘Bootied Out’ And It’s A Shame

The flooding of social media with booty pics has devalued women’s bodies, made sexy unsexy, and hurts both men and women.

District Judge Permanently Bans Undercover Abortion Trade Show Videos From Public Eye

Judge William Orrick barred journalist David Daleiden from publishing his undercover videos and ordered all materials be turned over to the court.

Facebook ‘Fact-Checking’ Site Claims Without Evidence That Pete Buttigieg Rode His Bike All The Way To Work Like A Big Boy

A ‘fact check’ from Lead Stories says it’s not true the Buttigieg staged a bike-riding photo-op, and yet offers no proof otherwise.

Clown Show: Pete Buttigieg ‘Bikes’ To Work After SUVs Drive Him Part Of The Way

“Biking to work” in a way that is neither a shorter nor a more environmentally-conscious commute is onbrand for a millennial mayor-turned-McKinsey consultant.

Two Weeks After Texas Lifted Its Mask Mandate, COVID Cases Are Spiraling Downward

The data is in, and so far, fewer Texans are dying of COVID than were two weeks ago.

A Federal Judge Has Hidden 200 Hours Of Undercover Footage About Abortion Atrocities For 5 Years

District Judge William Orrick has ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation every step of the way. Can he continue to do so?