Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn

Madeline Osburn is a staff editor at the Federalist and the producer of the Federalist Radio Hour.Originally from Texas, Madeline is a graduate from Abilene Christian University. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter.

Pro-Lifers Arrested For Protesting San Francisco Hospital Transplanting Aborted Baby Organs Into Lab Rats

UCSF has conducted numerous studies using the tissue of aborted babies, including some in which intestines and reproductive tracts were transplanted into rodents.

Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato Care More About UFO News Than Our Media Gatekeepers Do

Our spacey celebrities are not the only ones making extraterrestrial discoveries, they’re just the only ones making the alien headlines.

Federal Court Allows States To Cut Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Via Medicaid

An appellate court ruled that Texas and Louisiana are free to withdraw public funding from Planned Parenthood under Medicaid.

Target Swiftly Bans Book On Behalf Of Anonymous Twitter User Crying ‘Transphobia’

Target immediately removed Abigail Shrier’s book from their assortment after Twitter users complained the book doesn’t comply with far-left transgender ideology.

5 Takeaways From Senate Probe Of Andrew McCabe On The FBI’s Faulty Russia Investigation

Andrew McCabe admitted ‘unacceptable’ errors were made throughout the FBI’s investigation, yet he insisted that as second-in-command, he was wrongly fired.

Democrats Should Learn From Watching Texas’s Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis Lose Again

The media said the quiet part loud when they made sure voters could never forget why Davis deserved all the praise and attention for her pink shoes.

Democrats Light $73 Million On Fire In Kentucky Senate Race Against Mitch McConnell

McGrath brought in $88 million and spent over $73 million — $30 million more than the McConnell campaign spent in the deep-red state.

2020 Shatters Annual Gun Sales Record, An Estimated 17 Million Sold Year-To-Date

‘Each month since March has been the strongest of that month ever recorded.’

Planned Parenthood Lied To Congress About Selling Aborted Fetuses

When Congress investigated fetal tissue trafficking at Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant said the law against trafficking didn’t apply to its facilities. Now Planned Parenthood is changing its tune.

Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski Fears Giving Birth To A White Male Unaware Of His Privilege

In her recent Vogue essay, model Emily Ratajkowski signals her most progressive beliefs, only to find herself wrestling with the pesky reality that is biology.

Facebook Falsely Flags Christian Worship Group As Associated With QAnon Conspiracy Theorists

Facebook says a “glitch” in their initiative to flag groups associated with conspiracy theorists like QAnnon was wrongly applied to a Christian worship organization.

CNN Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Suspended From New Yorker After Exposing Himself During Zoom Call

‘I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me. I thought I had muted the Zoom video,’ said Jeffrey Toobin.

Black Voter Drags Biden At Town Hall, Asks Reason To Vote For Him Besides ‘You Ain’t Black’

‘What do you have to say to young black voters who see voting for you as further participation in a system that continually fails to protect them?’

New Emails Show Joe Biden Lied About His Knowledge Of His Son’s Foreign Business Interests

Newly discovered emails between Hunter Biden and a Ukrainian adviser to Burisma reveal Joe Biden was lying when he repeatedly denied knowledge of his son’s involvement in ‘overseas business dealings.’

Mark Cuban Tells Megyn Kelly China Is An NBA Customer: ‘I’m OK Doing Business With China’

On her new podcast, Megyn Kelly pressed Mark Cuban on the NBA’s ratings, its Black Lives Matter messaging, and the league’s business dealings with China.

‘Republicans Pounce’ On Democrats’ ‘Hypothetical’ Plan To Destroy Judicial Branch

Whatever newsworthy event Democrats have caused is overshadowed by the fact that Republicans are attacking them for it.

Mom Of Premature Twins Who Were Left To Die Calls Trump’s Born Alive E.O. ‘A Glimmer Of Hope’

‘When you don’t try, you’re creating an inhumane death, and you’re creating an absolute certain death,’ said Amanda Finnefrock, a mother whose twins were refused medical care after birth at 22 weeks and 5 days.

‘Former Staff’ Of Katie Hill Hack Old Twitter Account, Call Out Hollywood Biopic On Their ‘Abusive’ Former Boss

Anonymous ‘former staff’ called their story one of ‘workplace abuse and harassment,’ sending a message to Hollywood executives that ‘Katie Hill is not a hero for women.’

YouTube, Vimeo Censor Video Of Premature Babies Refused Medical Care In Ohio Hospital

Big Tech companies are censoring a video posted by a mother whose babies were refused care and left to die, claiming the content violates community guidelines.

Video Exposes Kamala Harris’s Blatant Attack On First Amendment Rights At The Behest Of Political Donors

Kamala Harris prosecuted David Daleiden as the first and only case in California in which a journalist has been charged with violating the state’s video recording law.