Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn

Madeline Osburn is a staff editor at the Federalist and the producer of the Federalist Radio Hour.Originally from Texas, Madeline is a graduate from Abilene Christian University. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter.

If We Can’t Stop Wearing Masks Now, Then When?

The politicians and the media and fear-mongering neighbors will not answer this question because their answer is “never.”

Is The Rock’s New Series Just A Trial Balloon For A Run For President?

The wrestler-turned-actor uses his new NBC comedy to tease fans who want him to pursue a political career, but is he just teasing?

Demi Lovato Calls Gender Reveal Parties ‘Transphobic’

Demi Lovato finds pink and blue offensive, saying she believes the idea that there are only two options — boy or girl — is an “illusion.”

RIP, KimYe

In a world where cohabitating and one-night stands are the norm, KimYe was a beacon of hope that pursuing marriage and family could be fashionable again.

Disney Fired Gina Carano Over A Nazi Comparison But Has No Problem With Chinese Concentration Camps

According to Disney, making Holocaust analogies on social media is a fireable offense, but profiting off an ongoing modern-day genocide is A-OK.

Mavericks Fan: Mark Cuban’s National Anthem Ban Is Ignorant And Dangerous

Of course many Americans ‘do not feel the anthem represents them.’ Mark Cuban and his ruling class have been preaching that for years.

New York Times TikTok Reporter Is So Committed To Thought Policing She Makes Up Crimes

Lorenz is committed to canceling or shutting down anyone or any speech she dislikes or finds dangerous, even if it’s not true to begin with.

6 Experts Predict The Worst-Case Scenario With China Under A Feeble Biden Foreign Policy

Whether Biden seems actively pro-China, or merely weak on the communist country, his lack of position on China foreshadows a number of plausible crises.

SCOTUS Rejects Texas Lawsuit Contesting Biden’s Wins In Swing States

‘Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,’ the Supreme Court ruled.

WATCH: Pro-Lifers Arrested On Public Sidewalk For Protesting Baby Organ Harvesting

‘We see governors and mayors and election commissioners, people are just making up new rules. It’s just sort of sweeping the country, and our pro-life people are seeing a lot of it.’

SNL’s Well-Paid Pete Davidson Chastises Devastated Restaurant Owners For Laughs

Comedian Pete Davidson made his fellow Staten Islanders the butt of his joke on Saturday, calling them ‘babies’ for protesting the COVID lockdowns making it impossible for them to put food on the table.

Declaring War On Nuns, Biden Plans To Nominate Abortion Extremist Xavier Becerra For HHS Secretary

As both a congressman and attorney general, Xavier Becerra fought for rabidly pro-abortion and anti-free speech policies.

Pro-Lifers Arrested For Protesting San Francisco Hospital Transplanting Aborted Baby Organs Into Lab Rats

UCSF has conducted numerous studies using the tissue of aborted babies, including some in which intestines and reproductive tracts were transplanted into rodents.

Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato Care More About UFO News Than Our Media Gatekeepers Do

Our spacey celebrities are not the only ones making extraterrestrial discoveries, they’re just the only ones making the alien headlines.

Federal Court Allows States To Cut Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Via Medicaid

An appellate court ruled that Texas and Louisiana are free to withdraw public funding from Planned Parenthood under Medicaid.

Target Swiftly Bans Book On Behalf Of Anonymous Twitter User Crying ‘Transphobia’

Target immediately removed Abigail Shrier’s book from their assortment after Twitter users complained the book doesn’t comply with far-left transgender ideology.

5 Takeaways From Senate Probe Of Andrew McCabe On The FBI’s Faulty Russia Investigation

Andrew McCabe admitted ‘unacceptable’ errors were made throughout the FBI’s investigation, yet he insisted that as second-in-command, he was wrongly fired.

Democrats Should Learn From Watching Texas’s Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis Lose Again

The media said the quiet part loud when they made sure voters could never forget why Davis deserved all the praise and attention for her pink shoes.

Democrats Light $73 Million On Fire In Kentucky Senate Race Against Mitch McConnell

McGrath brought in $88 million and spent over $73 million — $30 million more than the McConnell campaign spent in the deep-red state.

2020 Shatters Annual Gun Sales Record, An Estimated 17 Million Sold Year-To-Date

‘Each month since March has been the strongest of that month ever recorded.’