Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn is the producer of the Federalist Radio Hour.She graduated from Abilene Christian University. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter.
A Sanctuary City Released This Illegal Immigrant. It Turns Out He Was A Child Rapist

Juan Ramon Vasquez was convicted of raping a child, after the city of Philadelphia set him free instead of turning him over to the feds.

Ana Navarro Defends CNN As ‘Very Balanced’

Guest host Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain got in a heated debate about media bias and fake news Friday morning on ‘The View.’

Ivanka Trump Shouldn’t Fold Her Fashion Brand, But Go To Superstores

The Trump brand name may have been the fashion line’s ultimate downfall, but it’s potentially still the company’s most valuable asset.

The Dying Days Of A Small Town Appalachia Honky-Tonk

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, author John Lingan untangles the overlapping themes of country music, American folkways turning into chaos, and the small town of Winchester, Virginia.

Fired FBI Director James Comey: Vote Democrat, Or You’re A Traitor

‘All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall.’

In Trump Travel Ban Case, Supreme Court Overturns Korematsu Decision Affirming FDR’S Japanese Internment Camps

The Supreme Court officially overturned a 1944 case affirming the right of then-President Franklin Roosevelt to forcibly relocate American citizens of Japanese descent to government-run internment camps.

Podcast: The State Of The Arts, Political Harassment, And Linguistics Of Trump

The Federalist’s David Marcus joins Ben Domenech for a discussion on why the government shouldn’t fund the arts, New York politics, and more.

Steve Scalise’s Call For Civility And Respect Draws Unbelievable Response

There is a special kind of irony in criticizing Scalise, the victim of a political assassination attempt, for speaking out about political discourse.

Beyoncé Claps Back At Accusations Of Fake Streaming Numbers On New Album

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s new collaborative album takes a shot at Spotify, presumably in response to recent reports about Tidal’s fudging of subscriber numbers.

Mona Charen Talks Feminism, Hook-up Culture, And The War On Men

Author Mona Charen joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss her new book on how feminism fails women at home, the workplace, and relationships.

The Inspector General Put Together An Insane FBI Leak Chart Upon Finding Rules ‘Widely Ignored’

‘Although FBI policy strictly limits the employees who are authorized to speak to the media, we found that this policy appeared to be widely ignored.’

FBI Agent Running Russia Probe Vowed To Prevent Trump’s Election: ‘We’ll Stop It’

Newly discovered texts in the Justice Department’s inspector general report reveal that an FBI agent investigating the Donald Trump campaign promised in August 2016 to prevent Trump from being elected.

How To Escape Busyness And Find The Time You Don’t Seem To Have

Joy Pullmann interviews author and work-life-balance expert Laura Vanderkam about how we can manage time and change the mindset of how “busy” we are.

Ham: Media Has Double Standard On What Comedians Can Say

‘Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a ‘feckless’ word I can not say on TV… and there will not be a nine-day news cycle about that.’

President Trump Cancels Singapore Summit With Kim Jong Un

‘Based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate …’

Salena Zito Talks To The Voters Creating Trump’s Populist Coalition

In the new book, “The Great Revolt,” Salena Zito and Brad Todd dig into the changing American electorate and the minds of voters across 5 swing states.

Federal Judge Blasts Mueller: You Only Care About Getting Trump

A federal judge attacked Robert Mueller’s expansive Russia probe on Friday during a hearing related to Paul Manafort’s charges of tax and bank fraud.

Podcast: Behind The Scenes Of First Lady Nancy Reagan’s White House

Sheila Tate was Nancy Reagan’s former press secretary and now the author of the book, “Lady In Red: An Intimate Portrait of Nancy Reagan.”

Watch Tim Tebow Surprise Teen Florida Fan With Down Syndrome

‘Meet Michael … He’s one of the amazing friends I’ve had the opportunity to meet through #nighttoshine,’ Tebow posted for World Down Syndrome Day. 

YouTube Suspends Major Gun Manufacturer, Bans Instructional Gun Videos

The list of prohibited content now includes links to sites that sell firearms and videos that teach the entirely legal acts of manufacturing guns and reloading ammunition.