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Breaking News Alert Massachusetts Bill Would Allow Women to Sell Their Unborn Children

As Dobbs Decision Nears, Corporate Media Abortion Propaganda Machine Is Firing On All Cylinders

This moment calls for important reporting on the wave of abortion laws unfolding at statehouses, but newsrooms are only interested in stories that support the pro-abortion agenda.


As we quickly approach the anticipated Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, corporate media is doing it’s part to keep the pro-abortion propaganda churring. Our corrupt corporate press do not care about facts, like the overturning of Roe v. Wade will not “make abortion illegal” or that a majority of Americans support restrictions on abortion.

This moment calls for important reporting on the wave abortion laws that are unfolding at statehouses across the country, but newsrooms are only interested in stories that support the pro-abortion agenda. Here are just some of the most recent attempts.

Celebrating a Father’s Cowardice

Over Father’s Day weekend, NBC’s “Today” website took advantage of a holiday celebrating fatherhood to highlight men who rejected parenthood and detached themselves from raising and providing for the child they created. The irony was lost on no one.

“Eight dads are sharing how abortion has helped them become the fathers they are today,” the story reads, before launching into the “constitutional right to abortion care,” which is of course found no where in the constitution.

The NBC piece goes on to share testimonies from men about how they are “so grateful” they were able to end pregnancies that would have inconvienced them and their partners. These men say they wanted to “live their life,” so out cowardice or indifference, children had to die.

One man recounts how “abortion gave me the time and space to get myself regulated,” after a period of drunkenness and time in jail. He bravely concluded that his unborn child was better off dead because he was making bad choices.

WaPo Accidentally Proves Heartbeat Bills Work

On Monday, the Washington Post ran a story about an 18-year-old Texan, Brooke Alexander, who wouldn’t be a mother if it weren’t for the Texas heartbeat bill passed last year. The story intended to paint Alexander as a victim of the Texas law that went into effect just 48 hours after she found out she was pregnant, but that narrative quickly falls away when Alexander goes from wanting an abortion to changing her mind the moment she heard twin heartbeats on the ultrasound.

If it wasn’t for the Texas law, Brooke knew she might not be standing here. She’d probablybe studying for her next exam, while Billy mastered some new trick on the quarter-pipe. She liked to think they’d still be together, spending their money on movie tickets and Whataburger, instead of diapers and baby wipes.

She told herself that alternate life didn’t matter anymore. She had two babies she loved more than anything else in the world.

In trying to show the horrors of pro-life bills that state legislatures will attempt to pass in the wake of Dobbs v. Jackson, the Washington Post unintentionally illustrates that it is possible, and even good, for women to choose life admidst adversity.

Mocking Pro-Life Activism, Shrugging at Pro-Abortion Terrorism

The self-proclaimed “Pro-life Spiderman,” Maison Des Champs, is a rock climber who recently started scaling skyscrapers across the country to raise awareness for the killing of unborn children. He’s been arrested for climbing the Salesforce building in San Francisco, the New York Times building in Manhattan, and most recently, the Devon tower in Oklahoma City.

As expected, corporate media has not taken kindly to his stunts. “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” made a video mocking Des Champs to the tune of the Spider-Man theme song, calling his stunts a “pointless gesture” that “makes no sense.”

Des Champs told The Federalist he’s unsurprised that Colbert would frame him as a “Friendless Alcoholic.”

“Stephen Colbert is a ‘Jokeless Comedian’ who relies on woke propaganda to keep his job,” Des Champs said. “The fact is, pro-abortionists don’t have good arguments so they are forced to attack the pro-lifers that do.”

Meanwhile, late night shows have yet to make any mention, let along mockery, of pro-abortion activists declaring “open season” on pregnancy centers across the country. Ever since the Dobbs draft was leaked on May 2, there have been over 40 incidents of violence, vandalism, and intimidation against pro-life groups. Pro-abortion terrorists like “Jane’s Revenge” are taking responsibility for acts arson and vandalism while other activists leave pro-life groups disturbing voicemails chanting, “Burn, burn, Jesus freaks, burn!”

The attacks and threats are hardly making headlines outside of conservative publications. It goes without saying, if the situation were reversed and pro-lifers were attacking abortion clinics, we would see front page stories and wall-to-wall cable news coverage.

As Americans brace for the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, we must also prepare ourselves to think critically as we parse through what corporate media outlets want us to believe about the lives of the unborn.