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It’s Time For The Biden Family Pet To Be Put Down For Good

Any other dog in America with half the rap sheet of Commander Biden would have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge by now.


There is perhaps no better example of our country’s two-tier justice system than the White House’s constant covering for its resident serial assailant, Commander Biden. According to recently obtained documents, the Biden family German Shepherd bit Secret Service personnel in at least 24 incidents, one in which he gave an agent a “severe deep wound” that required stitches. Another report includes a photo of an agent’s torn shirt where the dog bit his chest and left “two lacerations.”

Any other dog in America with half the rap sheet would have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge by now. But Commander isn’t just any American dog with an irresponsible owner. This four-legged liability and his owner reside in the White House where criminals get a pass and the force of the law is only used against political enemies. Commander is just the latest, and furriest, beneficiary of this corruption.

The internal Secret Service documents and emails obtained via FOIA paint a very clear picture: Joe and Jill Biden are irresponsible pet owners, something we do not take lightly in this country. Irresponsible pet owners put their own desires over the needs of their animals and, more importantly, the safety of others — something that agents repeatedly sounded the alarm on in emails to their supervisors.  

In one instance, Commander stood up while grabbing an agent’s arm on White House grounds, and the agent noted that the dog “is literally my height standing.” He went on to write that he was “in shock the incident occurred” and is “concerned about getting him out of the residence or being out without a leash for others safety and mine.”

In October, the incidents escalated to the point that the Bidens were forced to remove Commander from the White House, “rehoming” him to their properties in Wilmington, Delaware; Nantucket, Massachusetts; and the presidential retreat at Camp David. The first family says, “Commander has lived with other family members since last fall.”

Of course, Secret Service members do not just stay at the White House. They follow the first family to locations where Commander now lives. Emails show agents repeatedly asking that Commander be leashed at all times, and quickly alerting other agents on duty when he is spotted off-leash, even in Wilmington and Camp David. The “severe deep wound” incident that resulted in “significant blood” and required six stitches occurred at the Delaware vacation home.

“Just for situational awareness. It seems we are back to the K9 being let off leash to roam the grounds freely,” one agent wrote in an email. “Tonight we had the team on the roadway for the evening sweep when [redacted] brought the dog out. K9 ran directly south and bounced between us techs. Though no one was bitten it’s just a matter of time before it happens.”

It’s important to indict Jill Biden here specifically because she is cited as present in many of the reports, where agents make notes like the dog lunged to bite while the “First Lady regained control of the leash.”

Elizabeth Alexander, Jill Biden’s spokeswoman, told the New York Post that “Despite additional dog training, leashing, working with veterinarians, and consulting with animal behaviorists, the White House environment simply proved too much for Commander.”

So he was removed from the family’s primary residence to a secondary where he’s free to continue his aggressive behavior? It’s hard to imagine that excuse working for any other K9 in Washington, D.C., let alone such a notoriously aggressive breed (German Shepherds are often targeted by breed restriction laws in some jurisdictions). Let’s look at what would happen to any other dog in Commander’s situation.

D.C. law defines a “dangerous dog” as any dog that causes “serious injury to a person” without provocation or even “chases or menaces a person” without provocation, “as if to attack.” According to these Secret Service reports, Commander is a Class A “dangerous dog.”

What are the consequences and penalties of owning a “dangerous dog” in the district? Well, it’s left up to the mayor. The mayor can decide to enforce “dangerous dog” registration requirements that include steps like paying fines, having the dog spayed or neutered, having it microchipped, and posting a visible warning sign about the dog on their property. Or the mayor “may humanely destroy the dog.”  

Presumably, Biden’s nepotism has allowed Commander, as with other Biden offspring, to skirt out from under the jurisdiction of Mayor Muriel Bowser (not that she would be willing to serve proper justice considering the lethal public safety crisis she’s already responsible for creating in her city). But even if law enforcement or public officials aren’t willing to “humanely destroy” a clear threat to public safety, that’s where truly responsible pet owners step up to do the hard thing for the sake of those around them. The commander-in-chief needs to end the Commander problem once and for all.

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