Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn is the producer of the Federalist Radio Hour.She graduated from Abilene Christian University. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter.
Podcast: What’s Going On With The Current Religious Liberty Court Cases

Jeremy Dys is deputy general counsel at the First Liberty Institute, the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated to protecting religious liberty. Dys joins Federalist Read Full Article >

10 Ways You Can Start Prepping For Your Thanksgiving Meal Now

Don’t get caught in next week’s grocery store crowds or a Gordon Ramsey situation with your extended family. Get an early start on your Turkey Day to-do list.

Survey: NFL’s Brand Favorability Plummets In Light Of Protests

Not only are NFL game ticket sales down, a new survey reports that the league’s favorability ratings have dropped significantly since September 21.

Podcast: Debating Health Care, Tax Reform, UBI, And Other Economic Issues

Staff writer at the Atlantic, Annie Lowrey, discusses the economic policies that hit American wallets directly on this episode of Federalist Radio

Podcast: North Korea, Kim Jong Un, And Military Leaders In The White House

Rebeccah Heinrichs describes the latest military concerns and campaigns in relation to North Korea on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Podcast: Eclipse Mania, Creating Tech Jobs For Coal Miners, And Problematic Women

Reporter Kelsey Harkness share latest news stories from Venezuela, Kentucky, and more on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Senate Votes To Begin Debate On Obamacare Repeal

This vote sets up days of debates and votes over what parts of the Affordable Care Act this ‘skinny bill’ will repeal and replace.

Here’s What We Know About The Congressional Baseball Shooting So Far

A single gunman opened fire on the GOP congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. this morning. Here’s what we know.

Podcast: Covering Capitol Hill With The Reporters Behind Politico’s ‘Playbook’

Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer join Ben Domenech on Federalist Radio to discuss the shake ups in the Trump communications staff and potential picks for the new FBI director.

I Tried Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino And It Was An Abomination

The new ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’ from Starbucks tastes like they blended a blue raspberry Baby Bottle Pop and children’s medicine.

Kate Havard On Shakespeare’s Greatest Comedic Character, Theatre, And Star Wars

Kate Havard joins today’s Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the nuances and complexities of Shakespeare, but specifically interpretations of his character, Falstaff.

How Social Media Impacts Our News Consumption, Behavior, And Productivity

The Federalist Radio Hour explores best practices for work productivity and increasing the value of technological tools in our lives.

Here Are Some Of The Best Tweets From Inauguration Day

If one’s looking for quick and silly, Twitter never lets us down.

Mike Rowe Perfectly Explains Why America Voted For Trump

Mike Rowe shared some of the most reasonable thoughts and reflections on the election we’ve seen from a celebrity yet.

14 Celebrities Who Said They Would Leave The Country If Trump Won

Time to pack your bags!

Thank Truman Capote For Shows Like ‘Making A Murderer’

Today is Truman Capote’s 92nd birthday, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of his great American crime novel, ‘In Cold Blood.’ It may be the first true crime story.

The Factual Feminist: Women In Philosophy, Wage Gaps, And Gender Sterotypes

Christina Hoff Sommers joins Mollie Hemingway on the Federalist Radio Hour.

11 Pictures That Show Why ‘The Rock’ Is A True American Hero

It’s time to Make America Rock Again.

Robby Soave On Libertarian Town Hall And Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi host today’s Federalist Radio Hour with Robby Soave, associate editor at Reason Magazine.

Matt Schlapp Argues Why Conservatives Should Vote Trump Over Clinton

Is Donald Trump actually a racist? Is a vote for Trump the same as an endorsement?