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Local Blob Creature John Bolton Says Traitor Milley Is A-Okay

Instead of clearing Milley’s name, Bolton’s defense is a further indictment of just how far into the highest levels of government the corruption has spread.


Former National Security Adviser John Bolton, the mustached, warmonger swamp creature, defended Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley in light of reports that the general made “secret” calls to his counterpart in communist China while President Donald Trump was in office.

“His patriotism is unquestioned,” Bolton said, going on to justify the general’s possible treason because he was under pressure.

Bolton’s rush to defend his former colleague might have meant something once upon time, but not anymore. Not after Bolton fabricated intel in order to start wars, nearly destroyed Afghan negotiations by opposing meetings with Taliban leaders, and wrote his Trump admin tell-all in which he plays the hero of every chapter and everyone who disagrees with him is an idiot.

Instead of clearing Milley’s name, Bolton’s defense is a further indictment of just how far corruption has spread. It reveals that at the highest levels of our government, elites are willing to cover for each other as they go behind the president’s back and attempt to dissolve the will of the people.

As Federalist contributor Inez Stepman wrote this week, “our media, intelligence services, government bureaucrats, and corporate overlords have kamikazed faith in every one of the institutions keeping America the stable democracy it has blessedly remained for over 200 years.” An endorsement from a swamp creature like Bolton only confirms millions of Americans’ belief that “the system is so rigged that they despair of anyone in our ruling elite being held responsible for any action, no matter how obviously over the line.”

Bolton wasn’t held responsible for his failures. He walked away with a $2 million book advance. Why would we expect anything different for Milley?

After Bolton was fired by Trump, and he walked out of the “Room Where It Happened,” he walked out for good. Now his only purpose in the swamp is to weigh in on various Trump-adjacent stories in order to stay on the lips of leftist media allies who once wanted him tried for war crimes, even if it does more harm than good for pals like Milley.