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Farah Griffin: Balenciaga Campaign Is A ‘Bad Misstep’ Because Republicans Pounced

Brunette Farah Griffin in plum colored dress on the set of The View
Image CreditThe View/YouTube

Former Trump White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin earned her seat on ABC’s “The View” because she proved more than willing to not just bend the knee to her leftist counterparts, but to aim her fire at the conservatives she allegedly represents. Farah Griffin did just that Monday morning when discussing luxury brand Balenciaga’s controversial, sexualized ad campaign featuring children holding teddy bears dressed in BDSM outfits.

Farah Griffin’s problem with Balenciaga’s disturbing images was not so much the exploitation and endangerment of toddlers, but, she said, that the brand’s campaign “played right into [the] hands” of the “far-right” and anyone opposed to pushing transgender ideology on minors.

You can watch the full segment here.

“I think it was a really bad misstep at a moment where it’s just kind of a dangerous time to even give credence to those kind of insane takes,” she said.

Those “insane takes,” which Farah Griffin also inaccurately referred to as “growing anti-LGBTQ sentiment” and “portraying, you know, trans people as groomers” are indeed given credence by the Balenciaga campaign.

Vocal parents from across the political spectrum have spent the last year pushing back on the sexualization and indoctrination of children and there is nothing “insane” or “far-right” about their efforts. Whether it’s calling out Disney’s blatant insertion of “queer” content in children’s entertainment or exposing the transgender ideology and gender identity lessons that public school teachers are openly pushing on students, conservative arguments are much more valid and articulate than Farah Griffin’s “trans people = groomers” bad faith translation.

If Farah Griffin wanted to reduce her take on the Balenciaga campaign to something so simple, why not try something like, “child exploitation = bad”? Well, because that’s not what ABC pays her to do, and it doesn’t matter if conservatives are right or not, or “given credence” or not. As the “conservative” co-host, Griffin will always make her own side the target of her hot take.

As I wrote when Farah Griffin clinched the permanent seat at the “Hot Topics” table this summer, she got the job precisely because she is willing to trash her own “previously held beliefs, convictions, and career’s work in exchange for seal claps, media attention, and the approval of Whoopi Goldberg.”

Even when the topic is so black and white — even when Balenciaga itself has admitted its own gross errors — Farah Griffin earns her paycheck by aiming her fire at conservatives and affirming The Narrative above all else. Sadly, the worst part is that it makes for really boring television.

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