Chad Felix Greene
Chad Felix Greene
Chad Felix Greene is a senior contributor to The Federalist. He is the author of the "Reasonably Gay: Essays and Arguments" series and is a social writer focusing on truth in media, conservative ideas and goals, and true equality under the law. You can follow him on Twitter @chadfelixg.
Gay Democrat Mocks, Harasses Christians For Praying Quietly On Sidewalk

LGBT advocacy today comes from a place of rage and hatred. It is a movement of obnoxious lecturing, intimidation, bullying, and bitter rage that does little more than validate prejudices.

No, It’s Not Bigoted For Lawmakers To Ban Child Drag Queens

There is no justifiable reason for a nine-year-old to dance on stage in front of drunk adults, accepting money and being encouraged to mimic adult entertainers.

No, I’m Not Going To Vote For Pete Buttigieg Just Because We’re Both Gay

It takes more than a shared LGBT identity to get me to vote for someone. I respect some part of Buttigieg’s messaging, but he’s still too far left for me.

This Hate Crime Helps Show How To Know Real Ones From Hoaxes

It’s worthwhile to take a look at the anatomy of real sexual orientation-related hate crimes so we can take them seriously and identify hoaxes more easily.

Mike Pence And Chick-Fil-A’s Supposed Hatred Towards Gay People Is A Complete Myth

The progressive instinct has taken the gay movement into the very depths of hatred and bigotry it long fought to remove from society.

How The So-Called Equality Act Threatens Speech, Religion, And Women’s Rights

Despite the universal appeal of the name and its noble promises, the act poses a major risk to those who value religious freedom, state independence, and women’s rights.

How Obergefell Taught Me Marriage Is Far More Than A Piece Of Paper

Gay marriage changed me. I found purpose and connection unlike anything I ever knew before. Can’t this coexist with religious Americans’ rights?

Even Though I Feel Non-Binary, Identifying As My Biological Sex Makes Sense. Here’s Why

You can struggle with your identity and place in the world without needing every single person around you to change basic gender conventions.

Why Are Democrats Fighting The Judicial Nomination Of A Qualified Gay Minority?

Patrick Bumatay would be a highly qualified jurist and a strong conservative voice on the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals. We would be lucky to have him.

Left Opens War On All Religious Schools By Targeting Where Karen Pence Works

‘Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, started at a job this week teaching art at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia. It’s not a school where everyone is welcome.’

Gillette Ad Waxes Nostalgic About The Fathers The Left Has Yanked From Boys’ Lives

Boys are not lost because of toxic masculinity; they are lost because their fathers have been taken away from them and they cannot figure out how to fill that void with anything but rage and shame.

Kathy Griffin Announces Heartbreaking News Of Mother Maggie’s Dementia

Maggie Griffin is 98 years old and has always been a spirited character, right behind her outrageous and colorful daughter. It is genuinely heartbreaking to see her light dim.

Hate Crimes Are Trending Down, But You Wouldn’t Know That From LGBT Media

While the majority of legal and social issues facing gay Americans have been settled in our favor, LGBT media seem fixated on the narrowing list of negative experiences still affecting us.

The Stigma Against My Conservative Politics Is Worse Than The Stigma Of Being Gay

Everything I was told to fear about being openly gay has become a reality in being openly conservative.

No, Pence Did Not Invite A Messianic Jew To Pray For Pittsburgh

In this time of genuine coming together to mourn and stand in solidarity against hate, more hatred and division are simply unwelcome.

If The Left Truly Opposed Bigotry, They Would Stop Ignoring Anti-Semitism

Fighting hate is a much larger challenge than simply banning random Nazis from the internet or blaming President Trump for ‘dog whistles.’

LGBT Media Runs With Unsubstantiated ‘Hate Crime’ Stories Despite Red Flags

It’s easy to believe hate crimes are everywhere if they suit a convenient political narrative and are touted by reporters who can’t be bothered to dig deeper.

Stop Lying: The Trump Administration Has Not Banned Transgender Americans From Military Service

The administration has merely required that transgender individuals meet the same requirements as all other Americans who apply for military service. Cue the usual lies and hysteria.

My Rape Doesn’t Justify Punishing People Without Due Process

Regardless of how unfair and unjust it is to the person who survived, the person accused has an equal right to a fair and just trial.

6 Overhyped And Completely Fake Summer News Stories From LGBT Media Outlets

The media’s use of attention-grabbing headlines exploits LGBT people, who rely on these unreliable sources for important news coverage.