Chad Felix Greene
Chad Felix Greene

Chad Felix Greene is a senior contributor to The Federalist. He is the author of the “Reasonably Gay: Essays and Arguments” series and is a social writer focusing on truth in media, conservative ideas and goals, and true equality under the law. You can follow him on Twitter @chadfelixg.

4 Times LGBT Media Turned Coronavirus Coverage Into Attacks On Christians

For many on the LGBT left, mocking, attacking, and shaming Christians seems to be the only thing giving them a sense of purpose during the COVID-19 crisis.

While LGBT Activists Complain On TV About Virus Vulnerability, Grassroots Groups Are Actually Helping LGBT People

An estimated five million LGBT Americans are expected to lose their jobs from the coronavirus shutdown. Rather than complaining about it, some people are doing something to directly help.

No, Pumping Kids Full Of Puberty Blockers Is Not Like Denying Asthmatics An Inhaler

Trans activists and the media are championing a new study saying puberty blockers are safe and necessary for transgender kids. The problem? The study is an unscientific mess.

Left Exploits HIV Tragedy To Claim Mike Pence Can’t Manage Coronavirus Pandemic

Claiming Mike Pence puts America at risk for coronavirus because of an Indiana HIV outbreak intentionally creates fear and fuels the fires of hatred.

If I Were A Kid Today, Doctors Would Be Pushing Me To Be Trans Instead Of Gay

When I watch the advocacy for transgender transition in children, all I can see is an organized effort to ‘correct’ something that should never have been viewed as wrong in the first place.

Ohio Court Orders Christian Professor To Use Trans Pronouns Or Lose His Job

Compelling Christians to use speech that violates their religious beliefs is far from neutral. A new higher ed case shows the courts disagree.

2020 Guide To State Proposals To Protect Children From Transgender Exploitation

It is vital that Americans support and promote these efforts, state by state, to ensure children have the opportunity to stay children as long as possible.

Gay Activists Attack ‘Homophobic’ Black Minister’s MLK Day Sermon

Media pounced on the opportunity when, after Mike Pence gave a speech reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr. at Holy City Church of God In Christ in Tennessee, the pastor discussed homosexuality in part of his sermon.

Don’t Blame Repressed Homosexuality For Aaron Hernandez’s Crime

Coming to terms with being a gay or bisexual person when that is viewed as shameful is a powerful obstacle, but it does not absolve someone of murder.

Gay Activist Dies By Suicide After LGBT Mob Hounds Him For Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour

The LGBT mob and media simply cannot see that they are the source of hatred and bullying. Their movement has built a toxic culture of political dissent.

Trans Activist: It Isn’t Fair That Women Still Have Periods While Living As Men

According to trans activists, transmen can menstruate and become pregnant but also require acceptance as men in all traditional male activities and social roles. How is this supposed to work?

LGBT Activists Shouldn’t Encourage Teens To Use Grindr App Complicit In Gruesome Murder

While LGBT advocates focus on hate crimes, discrimination, or other outside negative influences on the LGBT community, they fail to see the dangers within it.

No, White House Website Updates Don’t Mean Trump Is Trying To ‘Erase’ LGBT People

If what Trump’s administration is doing is ‘erasing’ LGBT people, then being erased must be the same thing as equality and assimilation — and that looks like progress to me.

New Study Suggests Playing With Dolls Proves A Boy Is Transgender

How do we encourage parents to give dolls to their sons and trucks to their daughters if those behaviors are considered scientific evidence of gender dysphoria?

U.K. Case Shows ‘Equality Act’ Would Help U.S. Trans Bullies Get More People Fired

Alarming developments in the U.K. and Canada show where the United States is headed if it passes the Equality Act and continues bowing to the increasingly powerful transgender bullies.

How I’ve Found Deep Gratitude In Starting Life Over Again

In a way, I lost everything. But in a more important way, I discovered a purpose I never would have otherwise considered.

Twitter Suspends Journalist Andy Ngo For Tweeting Facts About Trans People

A journalist stating verifiable facts on a public platform should not be at risk for removal from that platform due simply to a minority of people who take arbitrary offense.

Courts Block Conscience Rights For Medical Providers Based On Outlandish Leftist Arguments

Conscience protections do not ‘give a license’ to discriminate. They protect health-care workers from being forced to participate in practices such as elective sterilization, elective abortion, and assisted suicide.

Chick-fil-A Should Take A Lesson From The Salvation Army And Stop Bowing To The LGBT Left

In the left’s crusade against the Christian faith, it harms the people it purports to defend. This means good people must ensure no one in need is left behind, and for the record, The Salvation Army is very good people.

American Psychological Association Demands Using Plural Pronouns For Nonbinary Individuals

I am certainly not a ‘they,’ and I shudder to imagine a society that prefers to see me as a generic and inclusive pronoun, rather than a whole and autonomous person.