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Atlantic Writer Who Melted Down Over Georgia Reopening Claims Anti-Riot Curfew Is ‘Insane’

An Atlantic writer who poetically prophesied an apocalyptic holocaust over Georgia’s phased reopening now says evening curfews to curb riots as “insane.”


The Atlantic writer who just more than a month ago penned an apocalyptic editorial over Georgia’s phased reopening is now taking issue with evening city curfews being implemented to curb pandemic riots torching businesses and terrorizing communities.

“I’m sorry but 8 p.m. is an absolutely insane curfew for a city in which much of the population famously does not even eat dinner until like 9,” Amanda Mull wrote, likely referring to New York City’s Tuesday night measures put in place after suffering its seventh straight night of savage anarchy.

Flashback to April when Georgia began to lift its coronavirus lockdowns, Mull poetically predicted that the state was preparing to experience a pandemic holocaust headlining a now infamous piece, “Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice.

“The state is about to find out how many people need to lose their lives to shore up the economy,” Mull wrote. “Because of how infections tend to progress, it may be two or three weeks before hospitals see a new wave of people whose lungs look like they’re studded with ground glass in X-rays.”

Well now we know, and the answer doesn’t come close to the devastating nightmare that Mull prophetically presumed.

The chart below from the Georgia Department of Public Health outlines Georgia’s case load throughout the pandemic showing no such spike in new infections. In fact, the data shows that cases appear to be tapering off and on their way to declining as Georgians reclaim their livelihoods with protective measures adapting to society’s new normal.

As of this writing, Georgia has reported less than 50,000 cases with just more than 2,000 deaths statewide totaling just less than 2 percent of the nation’s entire death toll. In other words, Georgia was the first state to reopen, and it’s still no hotspot.

That might change however following mass protests in Atlanta where ruthless rioters held the CNN headquarters under siege and destroyed businesses in mass demonstrations.

So if Mull was so concerned about businesses reopening with preventative measures, one would think she’d endorse an early curfew. That however, would contradict the partisan philosophy that has come to define so many in our mainstream media.