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American News Outlets Air Chinese Propaganda Footage Of Wuhan

American media outlets are continuing to do the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda work for them.


American media outlets are continuing to do China’s work for them.

After touting the communist regime’s new numbers reporting no new deaths in the entire country, ABC News published footage of what appears to be uncut video from Chinese state television on the lockdown lifts in Wuhan where the outbreak began.

ABC News was not the only outlet to air the footage from China Central Television touting the Asian superpower’s apparent triumph in its battle against the virus.

Neither video made any mention of the fact that China has been manipulating its figures on the virus while broadcasting to the world that Wuhan is apparently now safe.

Though China reported no additional fatalities from the virus on Tuesday, a claim that was reported without skepticism from American media outlets, the U.S. intelligence community has disputed the regime’s public figures in a classified report delivered to the White House in late March.

Bloomberg News reported last week that a leaked conclusion of the report informed the Trump administration that China’s reported numbers on the virus are fake to play down the severity of the crisis.

Another report from the U.S. government non-profit Radio Free Asia also contradicted China’s public death toll by analyzing Hubei Province funeral home capacity and urn deliveries to the area where the outbreak started. Radio Free Asia estimated more than a week ago that the true death toll likely hovers around 46,800 dwarfing the 3,100 publicly reported by China.

Common sense following China’s bad-faith behavior over the global pandemic even prior to recent U.S. reports conclude that China has been manipulating its data to paint a better picture than depicted to an anxious outside audience upset at China’s early actions that enabled the virus to create a worldwide crisis.

China has lied about every aspect of the virus including its origin even peddling a bizarre conspiracy that the pathogen came from a U.S. military visit to Wuhan. China also suppressed whistleblowers who sounded the alarm over the virus and hid crucial information about the virus all while coercing the World Health Organization to lie about the nature of the disease itself.

“Why On Earth Should Anyone Believe Communist China’s Coronavirus Statistics?” asked Federalist Senior Contributor Helen Raleigh two weeks ago. “Many Chinese people, including some journalists who work for state media, simply don’t buy the government’s lies anymore.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese propaganda machine has made progress in its influence of the U.S. media convincing woke media types to erase any terms linking the virus to its Chinese origin.

After Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang condemned the term “Wuhan virus” or any phrase linking the virus to China as “stigmatizing” to Chinese people in early March, American media reporters repeatedly began to use precious time during White House press briefings to accuse the president of being racist.

“Why do you keep calling this the ‘Chinese virus?'” asked ABC’s Cecilia Vega.

“It comes from China,” Trump said plainly.

ABC News was by no means alone condemning the use of terms linking the virus to China even after using it themselves despite naming virus’ after places or people being common practice.

Here is a list of 17 other diseases named after places or people.