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No New China Deaths Reported Does Not Mean No New China Deaths

China reported no new deaths from the novel Wuhan coronavirus on Tuesday. That’s big news if it’s true, but it’s not.


On Tuesday, NBC News trumpeted China’s apparent triumphant success in its battle against the novel Wuhan coronavirus as it prepares to lift lockdowns implemented in the Hubei province with no new deaths reported by the communist state.

“U.S. reports 1,264 coronavirus deaths in over 24 hours,” NBC News tweeted. “Meanwhile in China, where the pandemic broke out, not a single new coronavirus death was reported.”

That’s big news if it’s true, but it’s not.

Since the start of the first outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the communist regime has lied in every aspect of the crisis including its origin, silenced whistleblowers who sounded the alarm, hid crucial information from global health experts, and pushed the World Health Organization into lying about the nature of the virus itself.

Considering the mountain of evidence to discredit China’s claims, Federalist Senior Contributor Helen Raleigh asked two weeks ago, “Why On Earth Should Anyone Believe Communist China’s Coronavirus Statistics?” “Many Chinese people, including some journalists who work for state media, simply don’t buy the government’s lies anymore,” Raleigh reports. This was before new reports emerged from U.S. entities solidifying doubts about the communist party’s numbers showing progress on the virus.

Last week, Bloomberg News reported that a classified brief delivered to the White House from the U.S. Intelligence community charged China with fabricating its pubic figures on the virus.

Around the same time, estimates released by the U.S. government-funded non-profit Radio Free Asia provided fresh insight on the true death toll attributable to the disease in Wuhan where the virus began. While China has claimed there have only been about 3,000 deaths from the virus nationwide, Radio Free Asia estimated using funeral home capacity and recent urn shipments in the Wuhan area that the accurate total deaths attributable to the virus lie somewhere around 46,800, dwarfing the numbers reported by the government.

NBC’s linked article however, makes no mention of the U.S. intelligence report contradicting China’s figures or any acknowledgement of China’s malicious behavior throughout the pandemic.

NBC is by no means alone in their omission of China’s actions.

Meanwhile, the Chinese propaganda arm had already made its way into manipulating the American media into reporting on its behalf. After condemning senior U.S. officials using the term “Wuhan virus” as racist and “stigmatizing,” woke media elites adopted the charge and spent precious time during White House coronavirus press briefings to accuse President Donald Trump of being racist for accurately referencing where the virus came from.

Never mind that prior to the Chinese government’s claims of racism, media elites themselves had employed the term “Wuhan virus” or similar phrases to identify the new pathogen throughout the outbreak.


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