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Watch These Three Hilarious TV Shows To Make Social Distancing Easier

Here are some comedies that will allow you to laugh your way through the fear, claustrophobia, and isolation of self-quarantine and social distancing. 


Sometimes, the last thing we want from our media consumption is to be reminded of that which we would rather forget. As such, here are some comedies that will allow you to laugh your way through the fear, claustrophobia, and isolation of self-quarantine and social distancing.


“Frasier” is easily the greatest spin-off of all time (apologies to the “Andy Griffith Show”). Following the eponymous psychiatrist once he returns home to Seattle and stops hanging around “Cheers,” the series is a latter-day comedy of manners.

Much of the humor surrounds the pretentious but lovable Frasier, his grounded father Martin, his somehow stuffier and goofier brother Niles, Martin’s clever nurse Daphne, and Frasier’s promiscuous producer Roz. The entire series is available on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.

While nearly every episode is worth a watch, if you’re going to catch only one, the episode “Ski Lodge” from season five highlights how ideally the ensemble functions for comedy. The main characters spend a weekend in a ski lodge with Daphne’s model friend and a handsome French instructor. Romantic tensions and confusions run amok as everyone finds themselves chasing after the wrong person. Impeccable writing and a perfect cast make this show a perfect escape.

Please Like Me

For those who enjoy a little darkness in their comedy, Hulu has the underrated and charming Australian sitcom, “Please Like Me.” You were likely bombarded with ads for comedian Josh Thomas’s new show, “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” an underwhelming and forgettable comedy. Do not let that show turn you off from this excellent series about roommate-best-friends Josh and Tom and their misadventures through 20-something life. There’s a shocking earnestness and reality to the series, which only makes the comedy land better.

The show is not for everyone, but it may just be for you. It can get heavy, with some storylines venturing squarely in the drama category. And warning, the fourth and final season is a substantial drop in quality. However, a disappointing close does not negate the excellence of the first three.


Do you wish sitcoms had a little more plot? The USA network original “Psych” is currently on Amazon Prime. It is a simultaneously one of the funniest shows ever and a genuinely engaging police procedural. Following a fake psychic detective and his begrudging best friend, this bromance solves crimes using clever observation and a healthy disregard for the law.

The leads’ easy chemistry centers a charming ensemble filled with great supporting players, wacky guest stars, and so infinite in-jokes. Within a few episodes, you’ll find yourself randomly referencing the series wherever you go. It’s also a timely quarantine binge since “Psych: The Movie 2” is set to air sometime this spring on Peacock.

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