Robert Busek
Robert Busek

Robert Busek is a Catholic homeschooling father of six. He has taught history and Western Civilization in both traditional and online classrooms for almost 20 years. The views he expresses here are his own.

Remote Learning Killed The Myth That Homeschooled Children Are The Ones Who Lack Socialization

For decades, the education establishment has used the need for socialization to argue that kids are better off in government-run schools than being taught at home.

Our ‘Devoutly Catholic’ President Is Neither Devout Nor Really Catholic

President Biden’s reaction to Texas’s law protecting unborn lives shows that his Catholicism is little more than cynical political theater.

Educrats Are Panicking As Their Extremism Alienates More Families

These events at the beginning of a new school year indicate one thing: the educational establishment in this country is losing its grip on power and running scared.

If They Want Compliance, Officials Should Follow Their Own Rules

History shows that true leaders choose to suffer alongside those they lead, as did Alexander the Great. Democrats should take note.

Why Expect ‘Reform’ From Public Schools That Adopted Critical Race Theory?

Rather than trying to reform an educational system that has betrayed us, we should starve it of access to its favorite fodder: our children.

How Francis’s Crusade Against The Latin Mass Shatters His Conciliatory Façade

All faithful Catholics, especially those who attend the Latin Mass, should pray bishops continue to bestow more pastoral wisdom than Pope Francis has.

Bishops Should Give Democrats Who Support Murder The Saint Ambrose Treatment

In the fourth century, St. Ambrose of Milan spoke truth to power. U.S. bishops could learn something from him.