Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck

Paulina Enck is an intern at the Federalist and current student at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. Follow her on Twitter at @itspaulinaenck

SCOTUS Decision Allowing Religious Exemptions On Birth Control Is A Big Win For Religious Liberty

The Little Sisters sought legal remedy to help keep them from being forced to pay for something in direct opposition to their religious convictions.

Poll: Young Americans Become Substantially Less Patriotic After Going To College

Neither a majority of high schoolers nor of college students are willing to sacrifice for their country, at 48 percent of high schoolers and 32 percent of college students.

NYC Councilwoman Freaks Out Over White Man Holding Black Child: ‘It Hurts People’

‘This is how black and indigenous people of color see the world and it’s not for you and me … to deny that reality,’ Council Member Shino Tanikawa said.

Twitter Will Drop ‘Blacklist,’ ‘Whitelist,’ ‘Man Hours’ From Its Code And Docs

With interpersonal conversations thus limited, Twitter’s alleged ‘commitment to freedom of expression and privacy’ does not extend to their employees.

Why It Might Be Time To Retire ‘Born In The USA’ From Your 4th Of July Barbecue

In a time when patriotism is reaching new lows, the Fourth of July is a time to celebrate that which is great about America, and there are lots of wonderful songs to do just that. But not ‘Born in the USA.’

Seattle Mayor Who Enabled Violent CHOP Calls For Investigation Of Councilwoman Who Made Her Feel Unsafe

It’s ironic that Mayor Durkan is accusing Sawant of undermining the safety of others. The rioting caused far more risk than Durkan experienced. 

3 Years Ago, Bret Weinstein Endured The Precursor To Today’s Riots

The protests at Evergreen State College were a Cassandra-esque prophecy we naively ignored, believing these things wouldn’t happen outside the insulated and hyper-leftist bubble of academia.

Politico’s Ryan Lizza Suggests President Trump Would’ve Fought For The South

Lizza pointlessly asked press secretary Kayleigh McEnany whether President Trump believed it ‘was a good thing’ the Confederacy lost the Civil War.

When Can I Go To The Movies Again? These Major Theatre Chains Are Planning Reopenings

As cities and states begin reopening, movie theatres are experimenting with how to continue to provide entertainment while keeping patrons and staff safe.

Widespread Fraud In New Jersey Special Election Proves Again That Mail-In Ballots Are Ripe For Abuse

The mess in Paterson highlights why an entirely mail-in general election in November would drastically undermine the very concept of free and fair elections.

4 ‘South Park’ Episodes On HBO Max That Are More Offensive Than ‘Gone With The Wind’

The following four episodes have left me surprised that the series survived the woke mob and are allowed to remain on HBO Max.

A Timeline Of The Many Sexual Assault Accusations Against Director Bryan Singer

Movie director Bryan Singer is famous for two things: bringing the X-Men to film and hosting pool parties filled with underaged boys.

6 Films To Watch To Remember Joel Schumacher Through His Incredible Work

Director Joel Schumacher died on Monday, at age 80. With a decades-long career, Schumacher has made many iconic and fantastic films, entertaining and inspiring generations.

‘The King Of Staten Island’ Is Unworthy Of Its Crown

Too many long stretches of unfunny scenes and meandering subplots take away from the genuinely funny jokes populated throughout the film. 

Calls To Take Down Emancipation Memorial Ignore Its Great Historical Weight

In Lincoln Park, Washington DC stands a statue called Emancipation Memorial, showing Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave. If activists on the left would have their way, the statue would no longer stand.

Josh Trank’s ‘Capone’ Fails As Two Very Different Films Trying To Be One

Had Trank chosen one thematic direction and wholly committed, the film could have been quite good. But as it stands, the film’s badness is only compounded by its squandered potential.

Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ Imposes Border Control And ID Checks, Celebrates Guns

Instead of serving as a communist utopia of collectivism and social justice, CHAZ highlights how similar the ‘revolution’ looks to everything it professes to combat.

TV Reunions During COVID Demonstrate Art’s Creative Potential Under Lockdown

These television reunions demonstrate the creativity (and lack thereof) that can arise when content must be created under social distance. 

These 8 Blue State Governors And Mayors Broke Their Own Lockdown Orders

For many Democratic leaders, it appears stay-at-home rules apply to thee, but not for me.

Don’t Abolish The Police Procedural Entertainment

Cop shows and detective mystery series are the most popular shows on television. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon, despite what The Washington Post says.