Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck is an intern at the Federalist and current student at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. Follow her on Twitter at @itspaulinaenck
You Know, Carbon Credits Don’t Actually Offset Your Carbon Footprint

No one can actionably explain how paying to offset your carbon footprint actually counters the alleged extreme harm caused by everyday life. 

Elizabeth Warren Does Not Believe In A Democrat’s Right To Choose

Warren argued there is no place for a pro-life Democrat, cementing that the only choice the pro-choice movement supports is to fall in line with their agenda.

Cory Booker And Elizabeth Warren Debate The Best Way To Penalize Wealth

Sen. Cory Booker pushed back on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax proposal on the Democratic debate stage Wednesday night, but presented his own ideas for increasing taxes.

What Aaron Sorkin Got Wrong About Facebook

It pains me to say this, but Aaron Sorkin actually wrote something I dislike, when he prioritized leftist thought over free speech.

Dearth Of Attacks Over Hunter Biden Show Joe Isn’t The Candidate To Beat

Recent polls have been inconclusive as to whether Biden or Warren is winning the primary, but tonight’s debate cleared up any confusion.

After Sending 1,000 People To Jail For Weed, Kamala Wants To Send Pharma Execs Too

Her comments on the opioid crisis show that corrupt former prosecutor Kamala Harris still loves sending people to prison.

The Carbon Footprint Was High At Summit Dedicated To Reducing The West’s Carbon Footprint

If the UN Climate Summit and the associated climate strikes are to be believed, the best way to protest pollution and carbon emissions is to increase both to a striking degree.

The ‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Is Great Because It Was Created For Fans

The ‘Downton Abbey’ movie was not really a film, but a two-hour episode on the silver screen. Fans of the beloved series will be enchanted.

Biden Swings at Warren, Questions How She’ll Pay for Health Plan

The one candidate who appeared to understand at least a little about the inherent problems with such expensive and overreaching health-care plans is frontrunner Joe Biden. 

Why David Fincher Should Direct Every Episode Of ‘Mindhunter’

The series increasingly leans on the talents of its cast, particularly Jonathan Groff, as the storylines become less engaging and the plot slows. 

‘Betrayal’ On Broadway’s Brilliant Cast, Incisive Wit Makes Up For Dull Staging

With the economical yet incendiary dialogue, and little action throughout the Harold Pinter play’s 90-minute runtime, the onus for keeping the play interesting lies predominantly on the actors.

What America Looked Like When Today’s Top Four Presidential Candidates Were Born In The 1940s

All were born in the same decade: the 1940s. To put their ages into perspective, here are some facts about the years Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Elizabeth Warren were born.

What Democrats Really Sound Like In Their ‘How Socialist Can You Get’ Primary Debates

Any similarities to candidate comments made after this article has published is merely evidence of the author’s clairvoyance.

Chris Cuomo Thinks Movie References Are Slurs If Directed At Him

Movie references or criticisms of intelligence are racist, according to Chris Cuomo. The CNN host was heckled last night and, among other insults, was called Fredo, a reference to ‘The Godfather.’

15 Best Tweets About Chris Cuomo’s Insane Response To Being Called ‘Fredo’

CNN host Chris Cuomo lost his mind when he was compared to ‘The Godfather’s’ Fredo last night. In his hilarious overreaction, Cuomo compared the movie reference to the N-word.

Sarah Silverman Fired For Past Blackface, Ralph Northam Remains In Office

Sarah Silverman was just fired from an upcoming movie for appearing in blackface in a sketch on ‘The Sarah Silverman Show’ from 2007.

‘Hobbs And Shaw’ Is A Wild, Ridiculous Summer Ride Worth Taking

If you go into ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ expecting anything other than a goofy, over-the-top action film, then you will be gravely disappointed.

No, Elizabeth Warren Is Not To Blame For The Dayton Shooting

The shooter’s politics do not matter, and the only thing Warren is guilty of is politicizing a tragedy.

‘The Boys’ Suffers Under The Weight Of Cliché And Predictability

What would happen if the good people sworn to defend the population were narcissistic, self-serving, and at times downright evil?

Amid Gangbusters Economy, Democrats Struggle To Make Their Case

The 20 Democrats running for president offer one thing President Trump is not: free stuff, paid for by even higher taxes on the rich people who employ everybody else.