Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck is an intern at the Federalist and current student at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. Follow her on Twitter at @itspaulinaenck
Millions Of U.S. College Students Rushed Home Early Try To Make Sense Of Their Losses

By the time coronavirus shutdown decisions were finalized, students were forced to rush around in a frantic daze, packing dorm rooms, saying goodbye, and wondering what comes next.

Watch These Three Hilarious TV Shows To Make Social Distancing Easier

Here are some comedies that will allow you to laugh your way through the fear, claustrophobia, and isolation of self-quarantine and social distancing. 

Latest Democratic Debate A Rerun Of ‘Grumpy Old Men’

Would last night’s democratic debate feel any different if the candidates’ suits were replaced with cardigans and their podiums traded in for recliners?

Can A Villain And Hero Fall in Love? ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ Novelization Says No

Screen Rant confirmed that the novelization of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ undoes any romance between the two, turning the kiss into a platonic moment of redemption.

Bloomberg Wins First Delegates In American Samoa

Mike Bloomberg nabbed 4 of the 5 delegates from the American Samoa caucus, where Rep. Tulsi Gabbard also earned her first and only delegate.

Charlie Kirk On How Conservatives Can Reach Young People

Yesterday, Eric Trump and Charlie Kirk took the stage at Georgetown University to have a conversation about the current political climate, Donald Trump’s presidency, and the failures of liberalism and socialism.

What Was Academy Award-Winner ‘Parasite’ Actually Saying?

‘Parasite’ watches the Kims fall from grace, at first led by desperation but later greed and ambition, with the same care and interest afforded to many of today’s beloved antiheroes.

‘Parasite’ Breaks Record To Become First Foreign-Language Film To Win Best Picture

Academy Awards history was made in 2020, with the first time a foreign-language film won the Oscar for Best Picture: ‘Parasite’ capped off a surprise sweep, winning four out of six nominations.

How To Spend $30 Million In 30 Days With Nothing To Show For It In Iowa

While it is admittedly entertaining to watch a Democratic presidential candidate waste hundreds of millions of his own money with nothing to show for it, I prefer the version with John Candy and Richard Pryor.

The Hypocritical Praise Of Harley Quinn’s Violent Mania, And Condemnation Of ‘Joker’

With all of the discussion of “white male rage” surrounding the Oscar darling, why is Harley’s solo feature portrayed as heroic?

Politics Have Nothing To Do With Why ‘Joker’ Was Terrible

There was nothing enjoyable, moving, or engaging about ‘Joker,’ which decided to trade an interesting story and compelling characters for a grim tone.

Bizarre Things Democrats Found Too Offensive To Applaud At SOTU

ith the notable exception of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrat representatives and senators attending refused to applaud at any point in the speech.

‘The Gentlemen’ Takes A Number Of Risks That Pay Off Handsomely

With excellent performances, clever writing, and an enjoyable story, ‘The Gentlemen’ is certainly worth checking out.

Bernie And Warren Squabble Over Counting Instead Of Debating Issues

Such depth and substance is why the Democrat debates are worth watching. Who wants to listen to the actual merits (or lack thereof) of the candidates when they can argue over who said what?

Why Young People Still Feel The Bern

Insane policies and poor performances in many debates present the question: Why are young people such huge Bernie Sanders fans?

Why No Great Teen Movie Came Out In The Last Decade

From gracing the screen at countless sleepovers to serving as ideal movie-night picks, a handful of classic teen comedies have proven a lasting power. But almost none of them arrived in the past decade.

10 Best Shows Of The Decade That Can Be Binged In A Weekend

Here are some of the best miniseries, cancelled-too-soon gems, and shows in their early seasons of the past 10 years, all of which can be easily finished in a weekend.

The Top 10 Binge-Worthy Shows Of The Decade

I’ve chosen ten of the best series made in the 2010s, in no particular order, that are ideal for binge-watching, along with being absolutely excellent shows.

The Decade’s Top 10 Most Spectacular Falls From Grace

In the 2010s, many major public figures, companies, and institutions faced intense and public falls-from-grace. Here are some of the biggest losers and scandals of the past ten years.

‘The Sound Inside’ On Broadway Is a Pretentious, Depressing Bore

If you feel the desire to be thoroughly depressed and bored for 90 minutes, check out Mary Louise Parker in ‘The Sound Inside’ on Broadway.