Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck is an intern at the Federalist and current student at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. Follow her on Twitter at @itspaulinaenck
What America Looked Like When Today’s Top Four Presidential Candidates Were Born In The 1940s

All were born in the same decade: the 1940s. To put their ages into perspective, here are some facts about the years Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Elizabeth Warren were born.

What Democrats Really Sound Like In Their ‘How Socialist Can You Get’ Primary Debates

Any similarities to candidate comments made after this article has published is merely evidence of the author’s clairvoyance.

Chris Cuomo Thinks Movie References Are Slurs If Directed At Him

Movie references or criticisms of intelligence are racist, according to Chris Cuomo. The CNN host was heckled last night and, among other insults, was called Fredo, a reference to ‘The Godfather.’

15 Best Tweets About Chris Cuomo’s Insane Response To Being Called ‘Fredo’

CNN host Chris Cuomo lost his mind when he was compared to ‘The Godfather’s’ Fredo last night. In his hilarious overreaction, Cuomo compared the movie reference to the N-word.

Sarah Silverman Fired For Past Blackface, Ralph Northam Remains In Office

Sarah Silverman was just fired from an upcoming movie for appearing in blackface in a sketch on ‘The Sarah Silverman Show’ from 2007.

‘Hobbs And Shaw’ Is A Wild, Ridiculous Summer Ride Worth Taking

If you go into ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ expecting anything other than a goofy, over-the-top action film, then you will be gravely disappointed.

No, Elizabeth Warren Is Not To Blame For The Dayton Shooting

The shooter’s politics do not matter, and the only thing Warren is guilty of is politicizing a tragedy.

‘The Boys’ Suffers Under The Weight Of Cliché And Predictability

What would happen if the good people sworn to defend the population were narcissistic, self-serving, and at times downright evil?

Amid Gangbusters Economy, Democrats Struggle To Make Their Case

The 20 Democrats running for president offer one thing President Trump is not: free stuff, paid for by even higher taxes on the rich people who employ everybody else.

Harriet Tubman Biopic’s Trailer Drops, To Excitement and Controversy

While some are still offended by the concept of a British actor playing an African-American, Cynthia Erivo’s upcoming film, ‘Harriet,’ appears to have all the makings of a success

A Female 007 Leaves Bond Fans Shaken (Not Stirred), And For Good Reason

The spy film genre currently needs two things: a new James Bond, and an increase in clever female-driven spy films. These should be solved separately.

Harvard Study Finds Trigger Warnings Do More Harm Than Good

A new study from Harvard University explores the value of trigger warnings in helping trauma survivors. The results proved not only their lack of efficacy, but also potential harm.

Innocuous, Charming Satire ‘Good Omens’ Receives Undue Backlash From Christians

For some reason, Christian Americans are incredibly upset with the TV series Good Omens,’ based on the Neil Gaiman/Terry Prachett novel of the same name.

Bernie’s Radical Healthcare Proposal Distorts Socialized Medicine Abroad

At tonight’s debate, Bernie Sanders called for a radical Medicare for All, immediately banning private insurance for anything but cosmetic surgery.

Democratic Candidates Call To Fix The Best U.S. Economy We’ve Had In A Decade

At part one of the first 2020 Democratic primary debate, candidates pledged to fix the economy to work for the American people. One problem: the people think it works well.

The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library Is Shallow But Funny

Trevor Noah’s museum pop-up featuring the tweets of the president is certainly humorous, but its one-joke approach wears a little thin.

True Crime Russiagate Comedy ‘FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers’ Is A Comedic Hit

Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson bring down the house with laughter in a new play about anti-Trump FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

‘Dark Phoenix’ Crashes And Burns Without Rising From The Ashes

The final X-Men outing gives the iconic Phoenix Saga a second try, learning nothing from the mistakes of the past and delivering an ending sure to disappoint even the most forgiving fans.

30 Years After The Tiananmen Square Massacre, One Protester Reflects

In late May and early June, 1989, students and workers took to the streets. Thirty years later, a Chinese-American protester reflects on the protest, China’s improvements, and how far the country has to go.

The 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Reminds Us Of How Far China Has to Go

On June 4, the world recalls the brave men and women who protested for a democratized China, whose continued human rights violations 30 years later prove that the fight is far from over.