Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck

Paulina Enck is a writer who recently graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with a degree in Global Business. Follow her on Twitter at @itspaulinaenck.

Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ Unfortunately Lives Up To Its Name

Alluring and exciting at first, it is ultimately not worth the time expended. It lacks focus and is overreliant on shock value.

Dear Scarlett Johansson: The Femme Fatale Is Not Anyone’s Property But Her Own

The femme fatale is smart, sexy, unapologetically feminine, and lives on her own terms, and that’s precisely what makes her empowering.

‘The Woman In The Window’ Shows Joe Wright Is No Hitchcock

Can a good story, talented team, and compelling themes coalesce into a bad movie? Surprisingly, yes, as with Netflix’s thriller ‘The Woman in the Window.’

The Real Horror In Hulu’s ‘False Positive’ Is Abortion

No matter how hard the film tries, ‘False Positive’ is unable to ignore the lives of unborn children and the inherent horror of abortion.

5 Films To Watch This July 4th That Capture The American Spirit

This weekend could be the time to revisit iconic films that showcase the greatest nation on earth. 

Loudoun Mom Explains How She Discovered School-Sanctioned Racism During Lockdowns

‘I don’t belong to any political party, although seeing what’s going on in public education has made me lean definitely more on the conservative side.’

What’s Holding Disney Back From More LGBT Characters Like Loki? Chinese Censors

The sum total endgame of this reveal is the line, a canonical declaration that Loki dates men and women, with no effect on his character or the narrative.

What You Should Know Before Letting Your Kids Watch ‘Cruel Summer’

‘Cruel Summer’ is exactly as advertised — a shallow, lurid teen mystery with some fun and little substance — that devolves into harmful clichés.

The Attorney General Challenging Google’s Monopolistic Censorship Explains His Case

Ohio Attorney General David Yost and I spoke about the lawsuit and the monopolistic role of Big Tech in American life. The Heritage Foundation’s Kara Frederick also weighed in.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Apologizes For Not Casting ‘Darker Skinned’ Black And Latino Actors In Latest Musical

If an incredibly diverse film featuring woke politics and broad representation both in front of and behind the camera can’t satisfy the mob, nothing will.

Billy Crystal’s ‘Here Today’ Proves The Veteran Comedian Still Has It

With a sharp sense of humor, a touching story, and strong central performers, ‘Here Today’ is both entertaining and moving.

Christoph Waltz Directorial Debut ‘Georgetown’ Is A Wildly Engaging Political Thriller

Smart, funny, and sure to entertain, the story of ‘Georgetown’ translates expertly to the screen via the impressive directorial debut of Christoph Waltz.

Bo Burnham’s Netflix Special ‘Inside’ Is A Darkly Comic Look At Quarantine

Bo Burnham’s latest offering, ‘Inside,’ is as tense as it is funny — and absolutely brilliant for it.

This Florida Mom Who Spoke Out Against CRT In Schools Warns Parents To Be Vigilant About Curriculum

Quisha King is not going to sit by and allow her children to be indoctrinated into the racist lies of critical race theory without putting up a fight.

Loudoun County Eighth-Grade Girl Defends Her Right Not To Change In Front Of Boys

‘Two years ago, I was told … you weren’t going to allow boys into the girls’ locker rooms,’ Grover said. ‘But here you are doing just that.’

NJ Prep School Teacher Resigns Rather Than Teach Racist Critical Race Theory

When given the choice between indoctrinating students in critical race theory or quitting, one New Jersey prep school teacher decided to leave her job.

Travel ‘In The Heights’ For Great Music But Confusing Writing

‘In the Heights’ wastes its gorgeous score and likable characters on confusing plots and motivations in an odd adaptation of a spectacular musical by ‘Hamilton’ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

If Twitter Is A ‘Human Right,’ Why Does It Censor?

How can Twitter consider its product to be a human right if it then goes ahead and denies its access to others?

This High School Valedictorian Fought Her Government School For Muzzling Religious Speech — And Won

‘I’m just so grateful that this is a free country, and that we have freedom of speech, and so we can fall back on the Constitution and express ourselves,’ Lefler said.

A Global Minimum Corporate Tax Would Help Democrats Hide Their Appetite For American Wealth

Biden’s proposed increases to U.S. corporate tax rates will continue to make the United States uncompetitive internationally.