Paulina Enck
Paulina Enck

Paulina Enck is an intern at the Federalist and current student at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. Follow her on Twitter at @itspaulinaenck

6 Biggest Turkeys Of 2020 Politics

Thanksgiving is a time to look back in gratitude on all that has been good in the past year. It’s also a chance to award the bad — and politicians have given lots from which to pick.

SCOTUS Blocks Cuomo’s COVID Restrictions On Church Attendance In New York

The Supreme Court determined that the exorbitant restrictions on church attendence were in violation of the First Amendment’s protection of Free Expression.

Netflix’s ‘Rebecca’ Is An Unremarkable Adaptation Of An Excellent Story

There is an irony that a film focusing on a woman worried that she will never live up to her predecessor is a pale imitation of its source material.

Watch These Nontraditional Horror Movies For A Spooky Halloween Weekend

There are a plethora of traditional monster, slasher, and gore films, but what about options for those less interested in traditional genre offerings? 

Out Of 26 Post-VP Debate Analysts On Cable And Broadcast TV, Only 2 Were Trump Supporters

Across five panels on cable news and ABC, there were only two open Trump supporters, and seven that are not publicly hostile toward the president

Kamala Harris Doubles Down On Biden’s Fracking Flip Flop

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spent the primary promising to ban fracking and fossil fuels. Now, they claim that was never their policy proposal.

Netflix’s ‘The Devil All The Time’ Is A Hellish Bore

The biggest problem with the film is that we don’t have enough time with any of the characters, and therefore have no real reason to care about them.

Joe Biden On Whether He’ll Pack The Supreme Court: ‘I’m Not Going To Answer The Question. Will You Shut Up?’

Biden snapped, “Will you shut up, man?” after Trump pestered him to answer the question on whether he would support court packing.

Sex May Be Gone From Cinemas Awhile, And That Might Be A Good Thing

As film crews take COVID precautions to ensure the safety of their actors, sex scenes may hearken back to the era of Old Hollywood and the art of suggestion.

RNC Featured Heartwarming Story Of Cop Adopting Homeless Drug Addict’s Baby

President Trump invited Holets, his wife Rebecca, and baby Hope as special guests to the 2018 State of the Union, where he told the couple, ‘You embody the goodness of our nation.’

Connecticut Town Announces ‘John Oliver Memorial Sewage Plant’ After The Comedian Mocked Their City

Comedian John Oliver earned the city’s good-humored ribbing after a random and contextless rant against them on his HBO show ‘Last Week Tonight.’

Biden’s Plan Will Raise Taxes On Americans Who Earn Less Than $400,000 A Year

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris told ABC that they would not raise taxes on Americans who earn less than $400,000 a year. Five economic analyses of their plans find otherwise.

Disney Corporate Darling, Atlantic Journo Jemele Hill Says U.S. Is As Bad As Nazi Germany

It’s absolutely insane that anyone doubts that America has historically proven to be overwhelmingly superior to Nazi Germany, much less that the theory undergirds a bestselling book.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season Two Does Not Float To Previous Heights

While season two did not quite reach the heights of season one, with dragging subplots and some uninspired characters, there is definitely a lot to enjoy as well.

CNN’s Brian Stelter’s Trashy New Book Contains Crude Slight About First Lady’s Sex Life

Stelter was proud enough of this statement to include it in the preview he published in Vanity Fair as a sample of the book, used to drum up excitement and entice potential readers to purchase.

Chicago Mayor Who Can’t Contain Rioting Elsewhere Bans Protests From Her Block

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has banned protesters from congregating on the block where she lives, citing concerns for her safety. The rest of Chicago is still out to dry.

Chiefs, Detectives, And Police Unions Slam Goodyear’s Anti-Cop Policy: ‘It’s Just Disgusting’

Upon hearing the news Goodyear deems ‘Blue Lives Matter’ messaging unacceptable, police officers have this to say: ‘Stop buying Goodyear tires.’

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Endorsed California Law Forcing Uber To Cut 200,000 Employees

Uber and its more than 200,000 drivers in California have fallen victim to the state’s assault on the gig economy.

Twitter Bans Babylon Bee, Then Claims It Was An Innocent Mistake

It’s disappointing to see accounts mocking the insanity of current times be banned when accounts parroting the same ideas earnestly are given free rein.

Clueless John Kerry Claims Iran Deal Would Have ‘Eliminated The Threat Of An Iran With A Nuclear Weapon’

What was this deal Kerry made that would have prevented Iran from developing a nuclear weapon? Because it certainly couldn’t be the Iran deal.