In The New Transgender World, Women No Longer Exist

In The New Transgender World, Women No Longer Exist

In the new world of trans identity, women are just a thing of the past.

For too long humanity has labored under the understanding that there is a difference between men and women. Thankfully, in this newly enlightened age we are dispossessed of this harmful misunderstanding. We now know women do not actually exist. The concept of being a woman is just a social construct, rooted of course in white supremacy, which is keeping men who are actually women from being their complete selves.

Where did we even get this idea that women are a thing? From men, probably. People without penises must be some kind of other. They must be weaker, the ones who maybe bear children. Which assumes that a man can’t become pregnant, which is flagrant bigotry. Of course a man can become pregnant, and with a lot less complaining, frankly. Pregnant men are still men; they bear their problems and children more stoically.

So what is the big issue these days? Women’s sports. Who cares? Nobody watches women’s sports anyway. It might as well be men pretending to be women. Men are faster, stronger, and more talented, after all. Why should we watch inferior cis women plod around when women born as men can kick their rear ends? Don’t we want to see the best athletes perform? I do.

The only problem right-thinking folks who understand gender is just a social construct run into is sex. Straight men and women don’t want to have sex with people who have their same anatomical features. Get over yourself. Are you a straight man? You can’t have sex with somebody with a penis? Really? Are you actually that much of a bigot? And I see you, lesbians, you don’t get to hide. Embrace it.

The big point here is that there is no such thing as a woman. There never has been, and there is not now. “Woman” is a slur used by the patriarchy to keep non-binary, gender-neutral, trans people in a box. The very notion that women exist keeps so many people from being able to exist. This is why it must be absolutely clear that “women” do not exist.

I understand that this might seem like an extreme position, but hear me out. If there is something, anything, that actually defines what a woman is, then that means people who know they are women might be denied that status due to this arbitrary criteria. The only way ensure that everyone who knows she is a woman is treated as a woman is to destroy any definition of what it is to be a woman. Is this so hard to understand?

There is no such thing as a woman. Stop pretending there is. You are only maintaining the failed patriarchy. You are only holding up the structure of oppression. Get over your ovaries; they don’t make you special. You are no more a woman than any person with a penis who puts on a dress. Step back, sister, give room to them.

Women had a good run. It’s over.

David Marcus is a New York-based writer. Follow him on Twitter, @BlueBoxDave.
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