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Watch The New Mini-Doc That Takes Down ‘Chapo Trap House’

It’s a wonderful introduction to the slop these three and their minions have been spewing on the internet for three years now in the podcast ‘Chapo Trap House.’


In a new mini documentary, “Architects Of Woke: Chapo Trap House & The Marxist Vanguards For Alienated Millennials,” Rob Montz takes down the leftist podcast “Chapo Trap House” and its founders, Will Menaker, Matt Christman, and Felix Beiderman. It’s a wonderful brief introduction to the horrible, divisive, and woke slop these three and their minions have been spewing on the internet for three years now. It points out just how vile they are willing to be to get clicks and bring about some kind of ludicrous communist revolution.

The Bernie Bro wokesters apparently met on Twitter, which is probably all you have to know, and their brand is nothing but lazy talking points about how nobody, especially them, should ever have to work. Along the way they not only insult, but vilify, just about anyone they think disagrees with them. Here at the Federalist we experienced a lovely example a while back when they discussed how badly they wanted to sleep with the Christian women at our outlet, because, you know, progressives can’t be misogynists, especially not Bernie Bros.

Montz’s cool, collected style cuts through example after example of the awfulness of “Chapo Trap House,” leaving no doubt just how awful these people are. At a time so many are worried about radical ideas from the right online, Montz shows that radical, even deeply offensive, views on the left are flourishing as well. That’s not to say anyone should ban or censor them — that’s not the way the right plays ball — it’s just to say they should be mocked and treated like the jerks they are.

Subjects include not only the constant, often sexist attacks they level at even center-right personalities, but also their belief that everyone is owed a life of leisure, because reasons. You can watch below. At a brisk five minutes, it’s more than worth your time, and will give you an insight to what really motivates much of the far left: self-serving ignorance.