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Watch Donald Trump’s Face-Morph On This ’90s Superhero Show In His Trippiest Cameo Ever

President-elect Donald Trump’s face-off moment is a masterstroke the world should never forget.


President-Elect Donald Trump has been a pop culture staple since the 1980s, appearing usually as himself in sitcoms, movies, and game shows galore. Trump has 20-something acting credits and more than 200 appearances as “Himself” on his Internet Movie Database page.

His most well-known cameo is perhaps “Home Alone 2,” in which he briefly gave directions to a lost Kevin McAllister. His most active period on TV pre-“Apprentice” was the late ’90s when he piled up appearances on “Spin City,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “The Nanny,” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” His first TV cameo was on “The Jeffersons” in 1985.

The Hollywood Reporter compiled a fairly comprehensive list of Trump’s many appearances, including a video compilation of many of them.

Missing, however, is a 1997 appearance on the short-lived superhero series “NightMan” on WGN. The title character, a Malibu comic property later purchased by Marvel, is San Francisco saxophonist Johnny Domino “who is accidentally struck by a lightning bolt in a freak cable-car accident,” and is then able to telepathically home in on evil and dastardly doings. Domino fought crime in a bulletproof suit and a laser eye thing for enhanced vision (that’s the technical term) for two seasons to mediocre ratings, before being canceled.

During that time, “NightMan” boasted several celebrity cameos, including Little Richard and Taylor Dayne, according to the show’s IMDB page. But the most tremendous of the celebrity cameos was Trump’s, in a epsiode entitled “Face to Face,” which featured a “convict savagely beaten in prison…operated on by a plastic surgeon who’s trying a new procedure but somehow it gives the man the ability to alter his face into anyone’s,” according to “rcs0411” on IMDB (because, let’s be honest, I have not watched the full hour of programming, and you don’t need to either).

But you must watch the two-minute segment in which the bad guy flashes a copy of “The Art of the Deal” and morphs into Donald Trump. It starts at 16:00.

The 45th president of the United States of America. You’re welcome.