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Trevor Noah Can’t Even Make Hillary’s ‘Deplorables’ Funny

When are people going to demand that Comedy Central get rid of Trevor Noah and replace him with someone who’s actually funny?


Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” is showing once again how not funny he is. Here’s his latest attempt to make fun of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment.

I think it was mostly offensive because she said baskets.

It’s not about the deplorables. It’s just about being in a basket is not a cool thing. Like if you say ‘baskets’ to me, I get offended. I don’t even know why. If you say, ‘I was walking down the road and this basket of black people….’ I’d say whoa.

It’s just the basket, that’s all it is. If you said ‘a Tupperware of deplorables,’ I’d say ‘whatever.’ That way the deplorableness stays fresh.

I know it’s comedy, which plays on the ridiculous, but this is just pathetic. If there were something about a basket that was even remotely funny, then maybe, but he just throws it out there: baskets are offensive to me. Was he Paris Hilton’s dog in a former life?

It’s the job of a comedian to make something as dull as baskets funny. Is he trying to be ironic because baskets are so inoffensive, they’re offensive? Sorry, but that just falls flat.

Why not compare a basket full of deplorables with a basket full of puppies and make a joke referencing the band Anthrax? I don’t know where to go with that, but it’s a lot more interesting than “I just find baskets offensive.”

When are people going to demand that Comedy Central get rid of Noah and replace him with someone who’s actually funny—like Daniel Tosh? He’d had some real fun with the deplorables comment.

No doubt Tosh would comb through the Internet finding the most deplorable, shameful, inexcusable excuses for human beings and pile them all into a big basket (and join them, of course). Obese women rubbing oil on themselves, or people who stick forks into their faces, or maybe even a basket full of grown men who dress up like furry animals and call themselves NaziFurs.

Maybe not your cup of tea, but Tosh would have had a lot more fun with the basket of deplorables comment—and that’s just the point! Noah isn’t fun, which is why he’s not funny. It’s time for him to go.