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5 Times Dustin From ‘Stranger Things’ Was All Of Us

stranger things

‘Do you eat kangaroos for breakfast?’


The gods of Netflix have gifted us with “Stranger Things” — a supernatural thriller about a group of kids who encounter the paranormal while trying to find their missing friend.

Dustin, the curly-haired imp, is by far the best part of the series. Whenever something totally insane happens, he’s always there to react like a normal person — you know, someone who doesn’t control objects with her mind, or try to communicate with her missing son via lightbulbs. Here are five times Dustin was all of us.

1. Do You Eat Kangaroos For Breakfast?

Who hasn’t wondered aloud about the dietary habits of Aussies? They do eat Vegemite, after all.

2.That Grin

Dustin gets teased for his toothless grin, which he explains is due to a cleidocranial dysplasia, which slows down the development of cranial bones — a condition that actor Gaten Matarazzo has in real life.

Matarazzo also likes to show off his fake pearly whites on Instagram.

Just letting you guys know. These are fake teeth. 😂 #toothless

A photo posted by Gaten Matarazzo (@gatenm123) on

As someone who also has a fake tooth, I relate to this 100 percent.

3. ‘We Need Energy For Our Travels!’

This boy has his priorities straight. Okay, sure, let’s follow Eleven’s brainwaves to find our missing friend in a parallel universe, but let’s be smart about it and bring snacks!

I’m with Dustin on this one. One should never go on an adventure without a Pez dispenser at the ready. And whenever there’s a giant stash of chocolate pudding, holding back isn’t an option.

4. He Knows When To Leverage A Situation

The boy gets it. He’s the first to ask their creepy new friend named Eleven to levitate their toy Millennium Falcon with her mind. He also is aware of her ability to use her powers as a weapon of defense, and isn’t afraid to broadcast it.

5. He Knows When To Throw Down

When his friends are being hapless little wimps, Dustin knows nothing will get done unless he puts his foot down.

You do you, Dustin. Keep your friends in line and well-fed.