Bre Payton
Bre Payton
Bre Payton, Staff Writer
Bre Payton was a staff writer for The Federalist. She wrote on subjects ranging from Kanye West to Supreme Court rulings, to 2016 and breaking news. She appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, BBC World News, among others, and her work was featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Daily Signal, and WORLD Magazine, to name a few. She had also worked as a reporter for and received her degree in Political Journalism from Patrick Henry College.
Catholic Senior Living Center Bans Residents From Saying ‘Merry Christmas’

A senior living center has banned its residents from saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and displaying any Christmas cards or religious decor in common areas.

How Mark Twain Created The Great American Hero

In ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,’ Mark Twain creates a heroic archetype that is uniquely American.

Brilliant Engineer Gets Revenge On Package Thieves With A Homemade Glitter Bomb

YouTuber Mark Rober was sick of thieves nabbing packages from his front porch, so he designed a massive glitter bomb set to deploy when the culprits opened the stolen box.

Comey: The FBI’s Garbage Reputation Is Everybody’s Fault But Mine

‘At some point someone has to stand up and in the face of fear of Fox News, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement.’

How Mark Twain Used Child Characters To Critique Adults

Mark Twain treats the consciousness of children seriously in his works ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.’

DOJ Destroyed Missing Strzok/Page Text Messages Before The IG Could Review Them

The DOJ wiped text messages between former FBI employees, Lisa Page and Peter Strozk, before the Office of the Inspector General could review them.

Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu: ‘I Would Love’ To Regulate Speech

In a segment on CNN Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Ted Lieu lamented that fact that the First Amendment prevents him from regulating speech.

Check Out The Incompetent PR Response To The Expose On The Women’s March’s Anti-Semitism

A Women’s March PR flack tried to spin Tablet Magazine’s expose detailing anti-Semitism and shady financial practices within the organization. She failed.

How Mark Twain Championed Self-Government Through Humor And Realism

Mark Twain rejected the simplistic, good-guys-always-win type of Sunday school stories with overtly moral themes that he was raised on.

Washington Post Columnist Jennifer Rubin Runs Away When Asked How She’s ‘Conservative’

I asked Jennifer Rubin, a ‘conservative’ columnist for The Washington Post, what makes her conservative and in response, she said she ‘had to run.’

Why Studying Mark Twain Is Essential To Understanding America Today

‘The young love hardly anything better than to laugh. And if they do love something more than that, they love to learn more than that. If you read Mark Twain, you get to do both at the same time.’

World’s Tiniest Violin Needed To Console Piers Morgan After Meghan Markle ‘Ghosted’ Him

Someone please call the waaaaaaaambulance.

George W. Bush On His Late Father’s Legacy: ‘The Best Father A Son Or Daughter Could Have’

At former president George H.W. Bush’s funeral service on Wednesday afternoon, his son choked back tears while eulogizing his father.

Grassley: Fusion GPS Founder CEO Glenn Simpson Lied In Senate Testimony

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said Simpson lied about whether his firm continued to investigate Trump after the election. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook: It’s A ‘Sin’ To Not Ban Bad People From Tech Platforms

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Monday night that not using one’s sense of morality to kick certain people off public platforms is a sin.

74-Year-Old Woman Uses Her Gun To Fend Off A Burglar With A Long Rap Sheet

A 74-year-old woman was sleeping near her newly-acquired handgun when she heard a burglar breaking into her home in the middle of the night.

Convicted Murderer, MS-13 Gang Members Snuck Into U.S. With Migrant Caravan

On Saturday night after he crossed the U.S. border illegally, border patrol officials arrested a Honduran man who had been convicted of murder.

Paul Ryan Is Right: California’s Election Laws Are Vulnerable To Fraud

Watching every single contested congressional race flip from Republican to Democrat days after the election is, as Paul Ryan put it, weird. Here are six reasons California’s election laws are deeply flawed.

CNN Contributor Endorses Violence Against Jews, Calls For Destruction Of Israel

In a speech to the United Nations, CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill said Palestinians ought to be able to use violence to effectively eliminate the state of Israel. 

Without Any Explanation, Twitter Reinstates Jesse Kelly’s Account

Only after Twitter was faced with threats of a congressional investigation did the social media publisher decide to reinstate Jesse Kelly’s account — without any explanation.