Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin is a lawyer and writer from Pennsylvania, and the co-host of the Conservative Minds podcast. Read some of his other writing at his website, or follow him on Twitter at @KyleSammin.
Americans Want A Welfare State, So Paid Leave Should Be Done The Least Stupid Way

Small government conservatives naturally fear making common cause with the welfare state, but facing a 50 percent margin against them in popular opinion, it might be time to abandon outright opposition.

Still Sore From 2016, Democrats Ignoring Constitution To Pursue National Popular Vote

The flawed idea gained even more popularity on the left in 2016, following the election of Donald Trump despite Hillary Clinton’s popular vote plurality.

No, The Average American Doesn’t Use Three Rolls Of Toilet Paper Per Week

Fortune magazine’s toilet paper numbers are full of crap. If we do math with the actual weight of a roll of toilet paper, we find a yearly total of far less than an environmentalist group claims.

Supreme Court’s Unanimous Civil Asset Forfeiture Decision Leaves Core Issues Undecided

The question remains: Can cops still take your stuff even if you haven’t been convicted of a crime? What if it doesn’t constitute an excessive fine?

How The Weed Tax Shortfall Taught California Democrats The Logic Of The Laffer Curve

California’s broke state government was hoping legalizing marijuana would generate tax revenue to stabilize their government. But they set the tax rate far too high, generating too little revenue.

Why We Should Amend The Constitution To Restrict The President’s Power To Pardon

Reining in the power of the executive, ever so slightly, might not be the worst idea. Of course, it should be about principle, not political targeting.

The Metric System Is Anti-Human Central Planning

All of metric’s shortcomings come back to the same point: it is great for science, but does not fit with the way people live their everyday lives.

New York’s New Law Is Abortion’s John C. Calhoun Moment

The passage of New York’s Reproductive Health Act and the jollification that followed it mark a turning point on abortion, just as John Calhoun’s speech did about slavery.

S1 E10 Of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Portrays Ferengi Nuances

Originally, the Ferengi were conceived as a new major enemy for the Federation. DS9 develops the Ferengi into so much more.

Why State Of The Union Addresses Should Be Canceled Forever

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have intended to cancel the state of the union as a fit of pique, but it’s an excellent idea for reining in the imperial presidency.

Stop Trying To Make Reapportioning The Senate Happen. It’s Not Going To Happen

Derangement over the president fuels many of the more miasmic theories of government currently hovering in the left’s fever swamps. Such as making the Senate population-based.

Revisiting The DS9 Episode Fans Voted The Worst Ever Made

It is the only DS9 episode on the bottom ten for all Star Trek shows, a testament to the superiority of the series compared with others in the Star Trek universe.

Why Most People Can’t Explain The Reasons Meddling With Babies’ DNA Is Wrong

We feel, almost instinctively, that it is wrong to meddle with the DNA of an unborn human being, but we don’t know why we feel that way, nor can we articulate it.

Revisiting DS9:1, Ep. 8: Star Trek’s Dueling Notions Of Justice

Despite the generally all-encompassing lawlessness of Star Trek, two competing notions of justice take hold in ‘Deep Space Nine.’

Revisiting Harvey Milk, Jim Jones, And San Francisco’s Ten Days Of Violence

Author Daniel J. Flynn’s, ‘Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days that Shook San Francisco,’ is a compelling history that looks at two pivotal events of the 1970s that further woke America up to the realities of hippie idealism.

Birthright Citizenship Is An Open Legal Question Americans Should Decide

Does the 14th Amendment mandate that the children born of illegal immigrants and birth tourists are automatically American citizens? The answer is not as obvious as has been suggested in the press.

Revisiting DS9, Ep. 7: Can A Person Who Didn’t Do It Still Be Prosecuted For Murder?

The episode is part courtroom drama, part Appalachian murder ballad, and all in all a fairly enjoyable episode.

Liberals Blaming The Senate For Their Loss Of Political Power Have Lost Touch With Reality

Democrats’ loss of political power is not the result of a structural defect; it’s the result of flaws in the quality of their Senate candidates.

Why Insider Trading Shouldn’t Be Illegal

What do we gain by having insider trading laws? Have any of the federal securities laws passed since the New Deal done anything to make financial markets any less of an insider’s game?

How Bitter Political Disputes Made America Great

In Jay Cost’s latest book, ‘The Price of Greatness,’ the scholar and journalist lays out a compelling analysis of the feud between Alexander Hamilton and James Madison showing that their disagreements resulted in a synthesis of differing opinions that allowed our early republic to thrive.