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The Best Thing About Last Night’s Debate Were These Tweets

Last night’s first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was such a mess, Twitter was somehow better.


Last night, Americans gathered ’round the warm glow of their television screens to watch the first of three presidential debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It was hosted by the Cleveland Clinic, which is appropriate given the age of the two candidates. If you felt your own health would have been endangered by sitting through it, rest easy: I’ve collected the best tweets of the night to sum it up for you.

(Yes, I put my own tweet in a best tweets article.)
The debate started past Biden’s bedtime (and many of ours)

Disorder in the Court
It actually started kind of pleasantly.

Moderator Chris Wallace joined his fellow septuagenarians to ask the questions, beginning with the matter of the Supreme Court and Judge Amy Barrett’s nomination to it. Trump said he was correct in nominating Barrett and hoped she would be confirmed.

Biden disagreed, saying that the people should vote first.

Asked about court-packing, Biden again refused to answer, saying that whatever he said would become a talking point. Well, yes, candidates’ positions on proposed laws have a way of doing that!

Biden turned the Supreme Court question into one about Obamacare, but Trump interrupted him so often that the message became confused.

At first, Biden was cowed by it.

Eventually, he revised his 2012 VP debate and decided to interrupt constantly, too.

In a shouting match, the President has no peer, but even some conservatives thought it was a bit much.

Coronavirus and Vaccines
As the topic turned to the coronavirus, Biden tried to paint Trump as inept in leading the national response.

While Trump noted that Biden criticized everything he did do.

Wallace questioned Biden on the doubts his running mate, Kamala Harris, had cast on the vaccine. Biden said he trusted the scientists but also thought they wouldn’t be allowed to tell the truth. Just asking questions!

The constant interrupting continued.

Trump said he liked masks just fine, kinda.

Biden said his rallies were small because of the virus. Trump suggested otherwise.

Biden tried to blame Trump for shutting down the economy, having just a few minutes ago blamed him for not acting quickly enough.

Trump talked about the mental cost of the lockdowns—a serious point in what was becoming an unserious night.

But by now, the viewers at home were starting to feel their own mental health degrading.

The Taxman
The subject of taxes came up, both Trump’s and everyone else’s.

Biden started speaking Arabic?

That’s going to get worked into a few conspiracy theories.
Meanwhile, Biden tried to say that Trump was not tough on China, which led Trump to bring up the Chinese investments of Biden’s ne’er-do’well son, Hunter.

On Russia, the refrain was the same.

Intersectional Something Or Other
Wallace moved on to the race question.

It devolved quickly into a law-and-order question.

Biden hit some buzzwords.

And dredged up an old slander.

While Trump said he was tough on crime. But also let people out of jail?

Biden just went straight for the name-calling

Asked about ANTIFA, Biden slithered away from the question

Trump was likewise less than forceful against the Proud Boys.

In fact, the disorder in the streets seemed to have been replicated on the stage.

Taking Away Our Cows
We moved on then to the candidates yelling about the environment, an issue that two percent of people find to be the most important in their lives.

The discussion was somewhat calmer now, either because the issue was less important to the candidates or because they were getting tired. Trump said the Green New Deal would bankrupt us. Biden said he wasn’t for it, but also spent a lot of time defending it.

If this debate was meant to convince anyone, it wasn’t working.

No one came out of it smelling like a rose.

In the end, maybe call it a draw?