Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland is a senior contributor to The Federalist. She is also a contributor to National Review Online, the Washington Examiner, Aleteia, and, and has been published in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Cleveland is a lawyer and a graduate of the Notre Dame Law School, where she earned the Hoynes Prize—the law school’s highest honor. She later served for nearly 25 years as a permanent law clerk for a federal appellate judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Cleveland is a former full-time faculty member and current adjunct instructor for the college of business at the University of Notre Dame, where she received several teaching awards. As a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of a young son with cystic fibrosis, Cleveland frequently writes on cultural issues related to parenting and special-needs children. Cleveland is on Twitter at @ProfMJCleveland. The views expressed here are those of Cleveland in her private capacity.
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His former lawyer’s latest testimony establishes two facts, both of which benefit Michael Flynn and both of which the media has missed.

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Is Pete Buttigieg Telling The Truth About Why He Fired His Town’s First Black Police Chief?

So long as the U.S. attorney’s office remains silent, the public has no way of knowing whether presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg or the former police chief’s attorney is speaking the truth.

Michael Flynn Attorney Suggests Special Counsel Withheld Key Information From His Defense

Michael Flynn’s new attorney Sidney Powell suggested the special counsel may not have produced classified information relevant to Flynn’s case. Powell intends to obtain it.

How Hope Hicks’s Testimony Again Destroyed The Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative

While the press portrayed Hope Hicks’s silence as all-inclusive, in reality she testified at length and in detail about all aspects of Trump’s presidential campaign.

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No, Judicial Nominee Mike Bogren Is Not An Anti-Religious Bigot

Because he’s my cousin, I know that Bogren is respectful of persons of all faiths and a Catholic himself. From conversations over the years, I know he is a solid choice for the district court nomination, certainly no bigot.

Why The IG Report On FISA Abuse Will Unleash Barr’s Investigation Of Spygate

The closing of the final inspector general investigation into the Russia collusion investigation promises to open the flood gates for previously undisclosed information and indictments.

Why Did The Obama Administration Ignore Reports Of Russian Election Meddling?

Friday’s interview is not the only time Barr raised the issue of the Obama administration’s failure to respond to Russian attempts at election interference.

Lawsuit Exposes How The Media And Deep State Hatched The Russiagate Hoax

Svetlana Lokhova’s lawsuit exposed the outline intelligence operatives used to spread the Russia collusion fiction. It also revealed the United Kingdom assisted in the plot development.

Lawsuit Suggests Spying On Trump Campaign Started In Early 2016

Svetlana Lokhova’s complaint now raises the question of whether the efforts to spy on the Trump campaign date back even further, to late 2015 or early 2016.

Obama-Era State Department Official Provides More Evidence Of FISA Abuse

Kathleen Kavalec’s notes provide at least four more pieces of proof to the already-conclusive case of FISA abuse and wrongful government targeting.

Carter Page: Obama’s FBI, DOJ May Have Spied On Trump Admin, Not Just Campaign

Carter Page’s revelation that he remained in touch with Steve Bannon and others during the transition period and following Trump’s inauguration raises a much larger question.

What We Know So Far About The Justice Department’s Spygate Scandal Investigations

When Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he provided many clues to the wide-ranging scope of malfeasance the Department of Justice is now investigating.