Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin is a lawyer and writer from Pennsylvania, and the co-host of the Conservative Minds podcast. Read some of his other writing at his website, or follow him on Twitter at @KyleSammin.
What Happened When New Zealand Paid People While Confiscating Their Guns

New Zealand’s government wants you to know that their first pass at gun confiscation was a great success, but a look at the facts may tell you otherwise.

Courts Advance Ridiculous Legal Theory To Force Trump To Listen To Twitter Hecklers

In the name of sticking it to the president, courts may have paved the way for congressional regulation of the social media giants.

Does The Constitution Grant Citizenship To Anyone Born Inside The United States?

The unfortunate answer is that originalist interpretations don’t give us a complete roadmap, and smart people vociferously disagree on how to move forward.

Best Tweets Of The Second Democratic Primary Debate

Some candidates were blasts from the past, others a hint of the future, and a few provoked millions across America to ask ‘Who the heck is that?’

Best Tweets Of The First Democratic Primary Debate

Conventional wisdom was that this group was the de facto undercard, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren joining a bunch of Lilliputians.

Rare-Earths Mining Shows Exactly How China Cheats The United States Through ‘Free Trade’

A game where only one side plays by the rules is rigged. We have now locked ourselves in an embrace with a corrupt regime, and it has not been to our benefit economically or morally.

Why Conservatives Should Support Rebuilding Penn Station

Reconstructing New York’s Penn Station in its original grandeur could be just the thing to reinvigorate conservatism in America’s cities and suburbs.

Why Overturning Roe V. Wade Requires A Constitutional Amendment

Roe was wrong on the day it was written, but to settle the issue we must go beyond overturning it. The people must demand that the Constitution be amended to prevent rulings like Roe from happening again.

Lobbyists Should Be Allowed To Speak, Just Like Everyone Else

Ocasio-Cortez and Cruz talk about barring former legislators from working as lobbyists. Any such bill would violate the First Amendment while doing nothing to clean up the political swamp in Washington.

Why No One Should Climb Mount Everest

When did a monumental achievement in human history become just another bumper sticker on a rich guy’s car? Paying your way up Everest isn’t impressive.

In Wake Of Federal Tax Reform, Blue States Scramble To Hide High Taxes

Democrats insist richer people need to pay more taxes. When that becomes slightly more true because of a Republican initiative, they hide income.

The Strange Tale Of How Mark Zuckerberg Bought Cory Booker’s Loyalty

School reforms parachuted in from Silicon Valley failed to make much difference for kids. They did make Zuckerberg a lifelong friend and gave Booker the platform to win himself a Senate seat.

Post Office Banking Is Just Another Crappy Socialist Idea That Already Failed

Since when have socialists cared about making a private-sector product better or more accessible? Make no mistake: This is about expanding government power.

Democrats Are All About Restricting Ballot Access If It Helps Stop Trump

In their zeal to remove Trump from office, Democratic state legislators are making a farce of the Constitution itself, threatening to fully destroy it.

5 Things We Learned From Amy Klobuchar’s Town Hall On Fox

Presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s appearance on Fox News marks the first break in the boycott by establishment Democrats.

The Feds Should Tell Every American Exactly What They’re Doing With Our Money Every Year

Congress should require that, within six months of Tax Day, the Internal Revenue Service must issue to all taxpayers a rundown of how much they paid, and what programs it went to fund.

It’s Not Racism To Ask Judicial Nominees Tough Questions About Their Legal Philosophy

Legal blog writer David Bernstein accused senators Josh Hawley and Mike Lee of racism for asking judicial nominee Neomi Rao tough questions. That’s preposterous.

Revisiting DS9, S1Ep11: Exploring Constable Odo, The Loner

Odo’s origins will become clearer and form a major plot point in subsequent seasons. In the meantime, Odo returns to his role as the series outcast.

Memo To Democrats: Americans Always Pick Jock Presidents Over Nerds

Are there enough jocks left in the Democratic Party to know which candidate is the right 2020 pick, not just a nerd wearing a pocket protector?

The Latest Changes To Major League Baseball Rules Are Misguided

These changes replace baseball’s timeless, adaptable ways with the hidebound legalism that is already strangling the life out of football.