Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin

Kyle Sammin is a lawyer from Pennsylvania, a senior contributor to The Federalist, and the co-host of the Conservative Minds podcast. Read some of his other writing at his website, or follow him on Twitter at @KyleSammin.

Baseball’s Commissioner Cares More About Politics Than About Fans

Commissioner Rob Manfred’s power trip is an attack on the average baseball fan who simply wants to enjoy America’s pastime and be left alone.

Critical Race Theory Is The Left’s QAnon, And It’s Lucratively Taxpayer-Funded

The rise of critical race theory is alarming and dangerous, but all isn’t lost. Americans have never taken to being told what to think.

Another Round Of New Baseball Rules Threaten The Game’s Rich History

Baseball reflects an older version of America, one with a few rules and a lot of space to live.

It’s Time For Americans To Refuse To Trade With Slaveholders

Strikingly, despite our national obsession with the historical slavery that occurred in America’s past, we hesitate to mention the offense happening in China right now for all the world to see.

How Democrats’ Capitol Fortifications Undermine Their Plans For DC Statehood

In building an armed camp to protect themselves, Democrats implicitly endorse the case for D.C. remaining a federal district and not a state.

If States Don’t Roll Back Lockdowns, Americans Will Increase Their Civil Disobedience

In contrast to the rising hopes of most Americans, Dr. Anthony Fauci is preaching more caution, more isolation, and more of the same even as millions of Americans are now vaccinated.

Leftists Want America To Be Like Europe — Except On Reopening Schools

For once, conservatives are saying we should follow Europe. School boards should listen to the rest of the civilized world and return American kids to school.

Philadelphia’s Failure On Vaccines Is A National Disgrace

The city government of Philadelphia has been corrupt for a long time, but at least they used to get things done. Now, they can’t even meet that low bar.

Trump’s Reckless ‘Stolen Election’ Talk Is The Reason He Should Be Impeached

The Constitution allows for speech that makes conspiracy-mongering legal, but we must demand more from our presidents than minimal compliance with the law.

Why Americans Take All Riots In The U.S. Capitol City As A Desecration

The relics of our Founding unite us because they represent a nation we know to be good. Those who desecrate them harm the nation to its core.

Biden’s Trans Health Official Prioritizes The Pink Police State Above American Lives

Joe Biden is showing even he doesn’t take his pledges to end America’s COVID crisis seriously. Expertise, not political tokenism, is the way forward.

Yes, The Senate Can Convict Trump After He’s Left Office, But Would That Be Prudent?

Like William W. Belknap, Trump was impeached while in office and will be tried when out of it. If a conviction is prudent will be for the Senate to decide.

How Big Government And Big Tech Conspire Against Voters

Allum Bokhari’s book, ‘#DELETED,’ warns of the insidious ties between the incoming Biden administration and the tech oligarchs who want to shape our politics and run our lives.

Leftism Is A Luxury Good And Its Awful Price Will One Day Be Due

The new Democratic coalition of woke and wealthy find it fashionable to discard the time-tested values that built America and made it a success.

Politicians’ COVID Hypocrisy Destroys People’s Faith In Government

Politicians’ hypocrisy does not just undermine their personal credibility, it damages the already fragile system of trust that makes society function.

This New Name For The Cleveland Indians Would Honor Their Storied History

Instead of ignoring the news or fighting in vain, fans of Cleveland baseball should make the case the new name respects the team’s history: the Spiders.

We Took The Time The Washington Post Didn’t To Name American Hero William Henry Palat

As fewer of the veterans of The Second World War still remain with us, we must work even harder to remember their sacrifices.

How Court Packing Would End Americans’ Constitutionally Secured Rights

Raphael Warnock owes Georgians an answer to the question of court packing, just as Joe Biden still owes one to all of America.

Will Georgia’s Two Senate Runoffs Split Different Ways?

Republicans only need one of the two seats to maintain their Senate majority. A look at the history of similar contests indicates that an electoral split is uncommon, but still possible.

Why Democrats Are Going To Blow A Biden Presidency Big-Time

Democrats live in their Washington bubble, and they don’t know how to get out. In 2020, it cost them politically.