Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin

Kyle Sammin is a lawyer from Pennsylvania, a senior contributor to The Federalist, and the co-host of the Conservative Minds podcast. Read some of his other writing at his website, or follow him on Twitter at @KyleSammin.

Why You Shouldn’t Tell Anyone, Including Pollsters, About Your Vote

Keeping your vote private isn’t a sign of shame — it makes the important point that not every action needs to be performed in public for the mob’s approval.

Destroying Court Impartiality To Reverse Roe Won’t Go As Well As Hawley Thinks

Before we completely give up on an independent judiciary, we must redouble our efforts to preserve public virtue through limited government, not despite it.

5 Things Trump Should Start Running On Right Now To Win Re-Election

By this point in the election cycle, we should be hearing about the two candidates’ visions for the next four years. President Trump should hammer these five things if he wants to beat Joe Biden.

In Oklahoma Reservation Case, Supreme Court Affirms The Law Means What It Says

The law does not come from polls, it comes from statutes. Textualism is correct not because it is conservative or liberal, but because it is true.

The Supreme Court Just Confirmed The Electoral College Is Here To Stay

SCOTUS’s ruling in Chiafalo holds electors should represent the will of each state’s voters. Any who disagree will have to pass a constitutional amendment.

Mayhem And Rioting Emphasizes Why DC Statehood Is A Terrible Idea

The core of Washington, D.C., must remain under the sole control of the federal government, lest the mob impose its will on a nation helpless to defend its center of power.

We’ll Never Have Criminal Justice Reform If We Rewrite Policing History As Racist

If the entire concept of policing were no more than slave patrolling with badges, fixing it would be impossible. But modern police departments are a product of 1829, not 1619.

Yes, It’s Time For The United States To Leave The World Trade Organization

Sen. Josh Hawley has led the charge against the WTO, calling for it to be abolished — but there’s a better way: leave the WTO, but take along like-minded nations willing to play by the rules.

We’re In A New Cold War, This Time With China

In our exultation, we forgot to finish the job. Communism lived on in mainland China, and is once again challenging the free world for dominance.

Three Lefty Supreme Court Justices Affirm Originalism In Unanimous Jury Ruling

With three conservatives and three liberals signing on to the originalist ruling in Ramos v. Louisiana, we see more evidence that the ‘living Constitution’ school of thought is in decline.

No, Boosting Small Businesses Isn’t Rich People ‘Looting’ Taxpayers

Far from a naked handout to rich guys, the minor change under the stimulus package reduces taxes on business owners with the aim of making it easier to retain workers on payroll during this crisis.

No, Tax-Evading Cruise Lines Shouldn’t Get Handouts From Uncle Sam

American taxpayers don’t love handouts to American corporations, but they really hate handouts to foreign companies — especially when they’re only foreign to avoid U.S. taxes and laws.

The Wuhan Virus May Finally Bring About A Work-From-Home Revolution

One bright spot in this medical and economic catastrophe is that millions of workers will find that working from home is not only possible, but preferable.

The 2020 Census Wants You To Identify With Some Race. So Pick ‘American’

When you write in ‘American’ on the census, you acknowledge that while our differences are part of us, they don’t compare with all we have in common.

Best Tweets Of The First Biden-Sanders Democratic Primary Debate

In case you missed it while out searching the earth for the last available bottle of Purel, we collected the best tweets of the debate so you won’t have missed a thing.

3 Signature Trump Policies That Preemptively Addressed The Coronavirus Crisis

From border control and foreign goods to deadly germs, this is a crisis President Trump is uniquely positioned to handle responsibly.

Mike Bloomberg’s Flameout Proves Billions Can’t Buy Elections

Despite recent history proving money can’t buy elections, Democrats haven’t changed their tune because the call for ‘getting money out of politics’ was never about money; it was always about ideas.

How White House Rivalries Shaped History

Historian Tevi Troy’s latest book, ‘Fight House: Rivalries in the White House from Truman to Trump,’ explores how infighting can make or break a president.

The Best Tweets Of Democrats’ South Carolina Primary Debate

From Las Vegas to Charleston in a week: Democratic candidates for president had to spin from pretending to care about unionized casino workers to pretending to care about rural black Southerners.

Giants Cancel Championship Legend Aubrey Huff For Tweeting Support Of Trump

The Giants do all baseball fans a disservice by turning their back on Aubrey Huff, a player who helped them bring home their first championship in 66 years.