Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin is a lawyer and writer from Pennsylvania. Read some of his other writing at, or follow him on Twitter @KyleSammin.
Sarah Palin Should Appeal The Dismissal Of Her NYT Defamation Lawsuit

The judge’s narrow reading of the precedents shouldn’t end Sarah Palin’s quest for vindication against the latest vicious, untrue smear by a media establishment that has long detested her.

Why We Need A New Holiday To Celebrate The Fall Of Fascism

Allied victory in the Second World War created the world we live in today. It is only right that we should mark the end of the old epoch with a national day of remembrance.

If We Topple Every Statue Of An Imperfect Person They Must All Come Down

We are approaching levels of secular iconoclasm previously unknown in the West. All humans are flawed. Eventually, all of us will be disowned by our grandchildren.

Tennessee Judge Gives Inmates Reduced Sentences If They Sterilize Themselves

The idea that a certain class is inevitably criminal and should be shorn of the potential to repopulate itself is toxic. Yet it persists.

The History Behind The Movie ‘Dunkirk’

Joshua Levine’s book, ‘Dunkirk: The History Behind the Motion Picture,’ provides valuable insight into one of the most stirring episodes of World War II, and nicely illustrates the strength and resolve of British culture.

It’s Time To Let Collectors Like Hobby Lobby Import Artifacts To The West

Thanks to jihadis, most ancient artifacts are almost certainly safer in the Smithsonian or the British Museum than they are in Baghdad or Mosul.

Why We Should Reconsider Robert E. Lee’s Place In American Nostalgia

As radical as they are, lefty extremists’ position is at least useful in making us rethink the elevation of Confederate leaders to undeserved heights.

Trinity Lutheran Confirms Religious Americans Aren’t Banished From Public Life

In Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, the Supreme Court gave the lines between church and state some definition and struck a blow for religious liberty in the process.

New Biography Punctures The Myths Surrounding Barack Obama

David Garrow’s new bio, ‘Rising Star,’ provides extensive—and controversial—new details about the formative years of Barack Obama.

Supreme Court Strikes Law Banning Sex Offenders From Much Of The Internet

The temptation to remove fundamental liberties from an unpopular minority is exactly why the Constitution protects such liberties from the legislature’s whim.

Lawsuit Against Trump’s Businesses Attempts Impeachment By Other Means

While it would have been better for President Trump to have divested control of his businesses before taking office, not doing so does not necessarily violate the Constitution.

A Good Deal Of Donald Trump’s Loneliness Is Due To His Overweening Power

Describing President Trump and his flaws, Rebecca Solnit really highlights the great flaw of the American presidency as it becomes ever more monarchical.

Why The Supreme Court’s Liberals Flipflopped On Race-Based Gerrymandering

A look at history will show how the Supreme Court’s liberal justices abandoned their principles in pursuit of a purely political win for Democrats.

Everything You Thought You Knew About Baseball Might Be Wrong

Keith Law’s new book ‘Smart Baseball’ proves to be an indispensable (and math-free!) guide for fans seeking to understand moneyball and the blizzard of new statistics that are reshaping America’s national pastime.

Sessions Has Neither The Authority Nor The Evidence To Pursue A New Drug War

In seeking to regulate human behavior at such a personal level as dictating what we may ingest, there is almost no alternative to Big Government.

Why Democrats Won’t Take Yes For An Answer On Comey

Last Tuesday night, President Trump gave Democrats what they wanted and, boy, did they ever hate it.

No, We Wouldn’t Be Better Off If The American Revolution Never Happened

Trump Derangement Syndrome is inspiring all sorts of craziness… like the suggestion that we’d be better off if we were Canada.

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Was As Bad As You Thought, Maybe Worse

In the buzzworthy ‘Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,’ authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes chronicle a litany of gobsmacking political mistakes, but can’t outrun the inescapable conclusion that Clinton has no one to blame but herself.

The Sanctuary Cities Decision Is A Bad Ruling About A Bad Policy, But Still Good Law

No one doubts that the federal government has jurisdiction over immigration. Whether they can force the states to help them enforce immigration laws is another matter.

Refusing To Believe Early Progressives Loved Eugenics Will Not Erase The Horrible Truth

Eugenics was not a fringe theory. It was taught without controversy in colleges and high schools across the country and a consensus of scientists attested to its validity.