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Best Tweets Of The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

Did you watch our weird baseball playoffs instead? I can’t blame you, but don’t worry: you can get all caught up with the best tweets of the night here.


A week is a long time in politics. Since the presidential debate on September 29, President Trump has contracted the coronavirus, checked into Walter Reed, checked out of Walter Reed, and returned to the White House, saying that he feels great. And Joe Biden went to Grand Rapids. A crazy week.

Which brings us to the vice-presidential debate, the sedate undercard that always leaves everybody saying “these two should be running for president, not the other guys!” Did you watch our weird baseball playoffs instead? I can’t blame you, but don’t worry: you can get all caught up with the best tweets of the night here.

We started with a shot of the socially distanced and silent audience.

The candidates also kept a considerable distance apart.

Away We Go
A lot of people thought we shouldn’t bother watching.

But we dove in anyway. Harris got the evening started by saying the Trump administration is the worst in American history. Which is saying something, given what she thinks of American history.

What would she have done differently? Look, don’t worry about it.

Harris brought out some tired old lies.

Pence set the record straight.

Pence said they took the doctors’ advice.

While Harris struggled to keep her composure.

On vaccines, Harris tried to have it both ways, but ultimately backed off of her former extreme anti-vaccine-if-Trump-is-pro-vaccine position.

Pence said that the Obama administration — including Biden — dropped the ball on swine flu and only avoided a pandemic by luck.

Taxing, Fracking, and Court-Packing
It was very much like a normal debate. Combative, but not crazy.

They both successfully avoided a question about how old the presidential nominees are, then turned to taxes.
Harris said that they would repeal the Trump tax cuts on day one. Day one!

The Pence pointed out that “repealing tax cuts” equals “raising taxes,” and she was outraged.

Pence also got into the Biden-Harris plans on the economy: more taxes, more regulations, and no fracking. Harris disagreed, while also disagreeing with herself from a few months ago.

The Red Menace

As the jobs versus Green New Deal conversation led into a general discussion of trade, Harris hit Pence on China, claiming he and Trump “lost the trade war”. Pence riposted forcefully.

Unlike Pence, Harris even refused to concede that China was our adversary.

She even mentioned the Chinese premier by name… kind of.

After some more foreign policy talk, the debate turned to the courts. Pence attempted to get a straight answer out of Harris on the $64,000 Question: would the Biden administration pack the courts? As Biden did last week, she attempted to slither out of it.

In the end, she never answered the question.

Buzz buzz buzz
That was a dramatic exchange, but the nation was soon distacted by something even more disgusting than Harris’s refusal to answer a simple question.

Everyone chimed in about the fly

At last, it ended.

And we got back to Pence threading the neddle between supporting the police and saying Harris put too many people in jail.

The debate closed with some feeling disappointed by both.

Others thought the candidates showed their true colors.

But the internet will be abuzz with only one thing tommorow: