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Best Tweets Of The Last 2020 Presidential Debate

Donald Trump and Joe Biden met last night in Nashville the final debate of the 2020 campaign. It was a tough timeslot, up against a Thursday Night Football game.


Donald Trump and Joe Biden met last night in Nashville the final debate of the 2020 campaign. It was a tough timeslot, up against a Thursday Night Football game between two teams with a combined record of 2-9-1. If you couldn’t turn away from that riveting NFC East action, don’t worry: your pals at The Federalist gathered the best tweets of the night.

Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

After the raucous first debate and the canceled second one, there was speculation that this one would go off the rails early.

Instead, things were actually pretty calm.

We started out with the same thing we always do in 2020: talking about the coronavirus.

Trump said he had a plan and the vaccines were around the corner.

Biden said Trump is personally responsible for every death, but that he’ll fix it.

It got kind of dark.

The contrast was noticeable.

But they actually let each other speak.

The China Trade

There was a bit of bickering as the conversation moved to foreign policy, but moderator Kristen Welker kept it moving.

They both tried to sound tough on everyone.

Inexplicably, Biden brought up the story about his son’s missing laptop.

Biden responded to the accusations (which he raised) by noting Trump’s years-long refusal to release his tax returns. Trump gave the usual run-around.

They talked more about Red China.

He tried to pull the usual “I know regular people” lines that politicians love.

Trump said it’s good to have good relations with other world leaders. Biden’s counterpoint: Hitler.

If You Like Your Insurance, You Can Keep Your Insurance

We moved on to healthcare, where Biden not only promised that no one would lose their insurance under his plam, but also claimed no one lost it under Obamacare.

He promised everything good about Obamacare, but none of the bad.

It had a wildly original title.

Biden’s plans for the rest of the economy were also announced.

Trump touted his own record and decried socialism.

With a quick detour into whether Joe Biden is actually from Scranton.

“Who Built The Cages, Joe?”

Welker asked Trump about illegal immigrant children who were separated from their parents. He talked about how Obama built the cages. It seemed like a tangent, but he wrong-footed Biden when the former VP refused to answer Trump’s question.

Biden would not answer, but he did make some other big promises about illegal immigration.

He also spoke in favor of the infamous “catch-and-release policy,” in which people arrested for illegal entry into the United States were released, as long as they really promised to come to court. Trump painted the plan as a naive failure.

The Next Abraham Lincoln

The usual race question arose in the final few minutes, with the usual results.

But probably Trump’s best moment of the night was when he reprised one of his greatest hits of 2016: as Biden promises to do this and that, Trump asks, “why in 47 years haven’t you done it already?”

Nothing Green Can Stay

There was an environment question, because reporters are interested in that, but it was crammed in at the end, because no one else is.

Trump said Biden and the Green New Deal would make us live in houses with teeny tiny windows and that windmills would kill the birds.

They fought over whether Joe would ban fracking. (Biden has said he would ban fracking.)

Then Biden went even further: he’ll ban oil!

The oil industry wasn’t ended, but the debate was. It…wasn’t terrible?