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Breaking News Alert Poll: In Agreement With Trump, 6 In 10 Voters Back Mass Deportations Of Illegal Aliens

On Trump And Everything Else, The Regime Has Gaslighted America Into Oblivion

The America you once loved and fought for, whose ideals many were willing to give their lives for, is dead.


Well, they finally did it. The powers that be actually indicted Donald Trump.

After the regime weaponized a bogus dossier, spied on his campaign, hamstrung his policy, impeached him, impeached him again, defamed him as a racist Nazi, made his supporters fear isolation and employment retribution, lied about him in every way imaginable on every news station and in every paper every day, and rigged elections against him, they’re finally taking him down with some paperwork.

These papers are criminal, you see, because they have classification markings, were in Trump’s possession, and were part of a documents dispute. Pay no attention to the fact that the DOJ won’t even tell the court specifically what’s in the documents, meaning they can claim this is a Very Serious Matter™ — Scout’s honor! — with no evidence available to the contrary. Or that as president, Trump possessed declassification authority that wouldn’t have belonged to, say, a secretary of state or vice president.

Speak of the devil, ignore that Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Mike Pence, and Barack Obama all had their own “documents disputes” — some more serious than Trump’s — without facing any criminal charges. And that the whole Mar-a-Lago fiasco, which involved the FBI sending dozens of plainclothes agents to raid the former’s president’s estate and dig through his wife’s closet, started when a disgruntled, backbench National Archives bureaucrat tattled because he didn’t like the look of Trump’s banker box.

As a result, Trump is being charged with 37 counts. But he isn’t the only target here. So are you.

Biden’s DOJ and FBI and their pals in the media wouldn’t have to go no-holds-barred against Trump if you would just stop supporting him. Just like Trump didn’t go away when the deep state staged its coup, you didn’t repent of your patriotism when the current president stood in front of scary red lights and delivered his diatribe against “ultra-MAGA” Republicanism. Now the ruling class has no choice but to indict, because understand: Waging lawfare, lawlessness, and intimidation brutally and relentlessly against opponents until they crumple is the regime’s whole offensive.

Weapons of War

So the assaults keep coming, fast and hard, and America bleeds out from the wounds that have become all too familiar but no less painful: the lies, the retribution, the gaslighting.

Blue cities can openly flout pro-life laws restricting abortion, and pro-abortion nutjobs can launch molotov cocktails into life-saving pregnancy centers. But when the faithful Christians who do the most to care for single moms and pregnant women pray outside deadly abortion mills, they are arrested. Just to ensure onlooking pro-lifers are sufficiently intimidated, the feds also send agents to raid their homes and arrest them in front of their terrified children.

For those Christians who don’t appear outside Planned Parenthood, just faithfully commune for weekly prayer and worship services, the same ruling regime simply shuts down their gatherings, citing public safety and love of neighbor. Oh, you think you’re going to celebrate your Savior’s resurrection? We’ve got your license plate number and know where you live.

Meanwhile, leftists celebrating their favorite racist doctrines get a free pass to chant together in the streets and burn down buildings. Then “experts” explain why protesting in the faces of police officers is less dangerous than the deadly droplets of congregational singing, and media overlords define “loving your neighbor” as supporting BLM anarchists but streaming Sunday services.

When you demand that the government perform its most basic constitutional duty of protecting America’s borders, its partisans not only insult your intelligence by insisting the border is secure, but they ship busloads of migrants to your community. When any of the illegal invaders go on murderous rampages, the feds claim they were motivated by white supremacy. And while the Biden administration empowers corrupt cartels that traffic children, rape women, and profit off the most vulnerable, the media claim those advocating for a stronger national defense are the heartless ones.

It’s not that the ruling class doesn’t care about borders at all. Ukraine’s border dispute is of utmost importance to them. So they start or fund pointless wars that kill millions while accusing you of being a Putin stooge for opposing. Then they gift weapons to corrupt foreign oligarchs and terrorists while they try to ban you from defending yourself and your family here at home.

With Trump, it comes full circle, but it’s the same old play. Their hoaxes fail, so the feds interfere in elections and then censor you for noticing. When a presidential election with historic turnout, last-minute changes to the law, and countless irregularities shatters confidence in our whole self-governing enterprise, the federal government convicts fed-up grannies for waving flags in the Capitol and calls concerned voters a threat to democracy. To hide their own crimes, they charge and convict the people you elected for daring to challenge them.

The America you once loved and fought for, whose ideals many were willing to give their lives for, is dead. The people in the halls of power today are responsible for killing it — and have faced zero accountability.

Boots on the Ground

Few things can revive a lifeless country, especially when elections border on meaningless and shared values are a relic of the past. But any rebirth that’s going to happen will start in your own heart and household.

First and more important than anything else: Repent and believe the Gospel. There is simply no enduring hope outside the good news that Jesus died and rose again to redeem the wretched souls of this sinful world who abandon their base desires in exchange for His righteousness and eternal life.

Then catechize yourself and your children. Teach them lasting truths about life and death, sin and salvation, worth and unworthiness. Instill in them the importance of hard work, the beauty of marriage and the sexes, the value of all human life, the pitfalls of pride, and their need for humility and forgiveness.

Join a church. Gather with believers who share your values and care about your spiritual state. Sing praise, pray, and read your Bible.

Care for the needy. Engage with your neighbors. Go outside and appreciate nature. Take good care of your body. Minimize screen time for yourself and your children. Keep an eye on their homework and library books. Run for school board and other local offices. Keep a garden. Buy a gun and learn how to use it responsibly. And don’t cower from a worthwhile fight.

Nobody — not Donald Trump, not Ron DeSantis, and not new FBI leadership — can save America. It’s up to you to save your corner of it.

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