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New J6 Tapes Show Brian Sicknick Walking Around After Dems Claimed He Was Murdered

Brian Sicknick next to shot of him walking around the Capitol
Image CreditGrabien Screengrab/USCP/Wikipedia/Public Domain

New footage from the Capitol on Jan. 6 show since-deceased police officer Brian Sicknick walking around the complex after apparent murder.


New footage from the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021 shows Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick walking around the complex after Democrats and the media claimed he was brutally murdered. The clips aired on Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and were reportedly viewed previously by “investigators working for the Democratic Party,” according to Carlson.

Sicknick’s Jan. 7 death was immediately exploited by the left. The New York Times reported directly that Sicknick died—according to the paper’s headline—“From Injuries in Pro-Trump Rampage.” One month later, the Times quietly corrected its reporting.

CNN later linked Sicknick’s death to a chemical irritant such as pepper spray or bear spray used by rioters. His family told ProPublica on Jan. 8 that Sicknick “texted them Wednesday night to say that while he had been pepper-sprayed, he was in good spirits.” Two men were charged in March of 2021 for spraying the officer.

A report from the D.C. medical examiner’s office published a month later concluded Sicknick died of natural causes.

The surveillance tapes aired by Carlson on Monday night show Sicknick walking around after altercations with the alleged murderers. Carlson’s program published the footage upon review of more than 40,000 hours of tape handed over to his team by Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy several weeks ago.

“To this day, media accounts describe Sicknick as someone who was ‘slain’ on Jan. 6,” Carlson said. “The video we reviewed proves that was a lie… By all appearances, Brian Sicknick is healthy and vigorous. He’s wearing a helmet, so it’s hard to imagine he was killed by a head injury.”

“Whatever happened to Brian Sicknick was very obviously not the result of violence he suffered at the entrance to the Capitol,” Carlson added.

The prime-time host went on to highlight how Democrats’ House Select Committee established to probe the Capitol riot fueled conspiracies over Sicknick’s death.

“This tape overturns the single most powerful and politically useful lie the Democrats have told us about January 6th. And it was indeed a lie,” Carlson said. “The January 6 committee knew perfectly well that Brian Sicknick was walking normally through the Capitol after he was supposedly murdered by Trump supporters, and they know that because they saw this tape.”

The footage reportedly contains an electronic bookmark still archived in the Capitol’s computer system. “That means that investigators working for the Democratic Party reviewed this tape,” Carlson said. “They saw it. But they refused to release the tape to the public. Why? Because this tape would shatter the fraud they were perpetrating on the country.”

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