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Are Latin American Migrants Really As Dumb Or Pathetic As Democrats And The Media Say?

migrants getting on a bus
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Democrats really believe these people are pitiful and stupid. At least DeSantis doesn’t question their dignity.


Look at this quote from Democrat Massachusetts state Rep. Dylan Fernandes as relayed in a Sunday story at The New York Times: “When they opened up their phones and put on Google Maps to see where they were and found out that they were surrounded entirely by water — that was terrifying.”

No, Fernandes wasn’t hyping up a new season premiere of “Survivor.” He was talking about the few dozen Venezuelan migrants who voluntarily trekked 2,300 miles to the U.S. and received an all-expense-paid flight via Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to wealthy leftist enclave Martha’s Vineyard. The same people who risked being robbed, raped, or even killed just to get a chance to be within spitting distance of a place like Martha’s Vineyard.

After all of that, Fernandes says, it was the realization that their new location is surrounded by beaches that shocked their collective conscience.

Latin Americans are as unique as street tacos. And apparently as mentally fragile.

It raises questions: Are the migrants who are dumping themselves into the care of American taxpayers by the hundreds of thousands every month really as dumb as Democrats say they are? Are their vigor and intellect as fully exhausted once they set foot on U.S. soil as Democrats say they are? And do they have the capacity to care for themselves once their treacherous journey to America is complete, which Democrats seem to doubt?

The article featuring Fernandes was full of information that would suggest migrants who illegally cross into the country are transformed into nothing more than pathetic charity cases.

Here are a few highlights:

— “The story of how the migrants were recruited for the flights was recounted by dozens of migrants in interviews with lawyers and journalists after arriving, mystified, on what they realized was a remote resort island with few resources.” Mystified! Remote! Few resources! So few are the town’s resources, mind you, that former President Barack Obama lives there with his wife, no doubt miserable about the lack of accommodations.

— “The migrants each received a red folder containing a map of the United States. … Also in the folder was a brochure, apparently fake, titled ‘Refugee Migrant Benefits,’ in English and Spanish.” A fake brochure! Exactly what constitutes a counterfeit pamphlet? Did it contain false information? By the Times’ own admission, the flyer simply said “Massachusetts Welcomes You,” and was accompanied by a state flag and contact information for local religious and nonprofit institutions that might offer help. Also included was information about government benefits for refugees, which may not apply to Venezuelans who throw themselves across the border, but that doesn’t make the information itself “fake.”

— “There, several migrants said in interviews, they were taken in vans that had been waiting for them and deposited near a community center, where they were told to knock on the door. The woman who answered had no idea who they were and did not speak Spanish.” Migrants encountered a non-Spanish speaker in America! What were they expected to do?! According to the latest Census data, less than 15 percent of U.S. residents speak Spanish at home. But assuming our new friends didn’t bother looking up that bit of data, I’m confident they understand the most entertaining TV they previously watched at home featured actors throwing their voices in ways that didn’t quite match their mouth movements. They knew that the vast majority of people who live here, the place that elected Donald Trump as president, aren’t ¡hablando en Español!

— “Staff members at the community center in Martha’s Vineyard arranged for a migrant named Pablo to call home to Venezuela, Ms. Rolanti said. He appeared broken. ‘My love, we were tricked,’ he told his wife, weeping uncontrollably. ‘This woman lied to us. She lied.'” Just gonna call B.S. on this one. If this dude crawled through the sweltering garbage of Latin America’s gang-controlled, squalid terrain, only to psychotically break once arriving at the place where our presidents vacation, they really aren’t sending their best. But, again, it’s B.S.

Democrats really believe these people are pitiful and stupid. At least DeSantis doesn’t question their dignity.

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