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The Day Democrats Felt Personally Attacked By Having To Care For Illegal Immigrants


Probably the most fascinating part of the “illegal immigrants visit Martha’s Vineyard” saga from last week is how readily white Democrats revealed themselves as viscerally averse to coming in contact with poor brown people. They are in fact deeply put out by the very idea.

A video clip of documentary-maker Ken Burns went semi-viral Thursday showing Burns on CNN expressing that exact sentiment.

“This is coming straight out of the authoritarian playbook,” he said, referring to Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis having sent about 50 illegal border-crossers to the pristine town of Martha’s Vineyard. “This is what’s so disturbing about DeSantis … to weaponize human beings for a political purpose. It’s like when somebody disagrees with him in Florida … he punishes them.”

Burns reemphasized that point, saying, “This is about punishing political enemies.”

It’s a shocking admission considering that up until then, leftists had proudly worn their bleeding hearts on their sleeves, typically accompanied by those obnoxious “In this house, we believe…” yard signs.

What changed? Nothing in terms of the actual problem. There are still hundreds of thousands of migrants dumping themselves into the care of American taxpayers every month. Over the past year, there have been upwards of 2 million aliens arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Other than July, every month of 2022 has seen tens of thousands more migrants than last year.

This is the case even though Kamala Harris — yes, the Kamala Harris — told migrants venturing to the U.S., “Don’t come.”

Well, they came. And despite pleas from Democrats in southern border districts pleading for the Biden administration to do something to stop or even just slow the chaos, leftists everywhere else told them to shut up and show some compassion. After all, Latin America’s destitute were only coming here for a better life. Is it too much to ask that the taxpayers of Texas, Arizona, and Florida provide that for them?

Of course not! But remember: We’re all in this together!

There’s no reason places like Martha’s Vineyard — described by CNN as “a summer playground for former US presidents, celebrities and billionaires” — can’t share the burden. It was only 50 migrants.

Those hearts went from bleeding to black in less time than it takes to say “Don’t come.” Within 24 hours, leftists had likened the migrants to “trash,” called in the National Guard, and had the illegals shipped out to a military base.

When Democrats say they “welcome” illegal immigrants, what they really mean is — welcome them into your space, not theirs. They mean that cleaning them, feeding them, and figuring out what to do with them, by the hundreds of thousands, isn’t their job. That’s for someone else.

Democrats are eager to let more voters immigrants in. So long as none of them end up in their idyllic beach towns and gated communities. They consider that an attack. It’s a punishment.

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