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YouTube And Instagram Choke Christian Influencers The LaBrants’ Pro-Life Video


Mere minutes after Christian social media influencers Cole and Savannah (Sav) LaBrant uploaded a pro-life documentary to YouTube, the platform demonetized the video and removed it from its algorithm showing popular content. Instagram followed suit by deleting the LaBrants’ in-feed post, stating it did not adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines. According to the LaBrants, the money that came from the YouTube ads would have been donated to crisis pregnancy centers.

This video came as a shock to many of the LaBrants’ loyal fans, as this type of content is not normal for the account despite their outspoken Christian views. Instead, they are known by their nearly 19 million Instagram followers for their adorable children, lighthearted content, and hilarious dance videos.

After teasing a new documentary for their YouTube channel for weeks, the couple released the nearly 40-minute documentary on abortion. The video has many facets and includes a look into the formation of a baby in the mother’s womb, how abortion procedures work, and crisis pregnancy center resources.

This topic is near and dear to the hearts of Cole and Sav. When Sav was 19 years old, she became pregnant. While she says it was never a question of whether she would keep her baby, she understands the terror that a woman can feel when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Why Add Fuel to Fire?

Before posting the documentary, many mentors and friends asked why they would add fuel to the fire, telling them that so much was at stake.

“If this saves just one baby, it’s worth it,” Cole said.

It’s no surprise these toxic outlets would try to stifle a documentary that goes against the extremist narrative and could cause countless women to choose life instead of allowing them to believe that abortion is their only option. This is just another example of Big Tech censoring viewpoints that they don’t agree with.

While the documentary received more than 3 million views, its reach was still significantly hampered by the quieting hand of Big Tech censorship.

The video wasn’t just their opinion but included experiences from doctors who had performed abortions. It also included the story of Cole’s grandmother and how she refused to get an abortion after becoming pregnant as a teen, resulting in the birth of Cole’s mother.

“I was never sorry. When you hold that baby, everything that was scary just goes away,” Cole’s grandmother said.

Options Other than Abortion

The second half of the video pivots to a crisis pregnancy support group called Embrace Grace.  

The LaBrants spoke with moms who had been helped by the center and highlight how they chose life for their babies. Through it all, the documentary shows there are other options for moms besides abortion.

One of the moms at the center told the incredible story of how she had gotten an abortion, only to discover months later that the pill hadn’t worked. She was still pregnant with her miracle baby and decided in that moment to choose life.

Now, she can’t imagine life without her daughter and wants her to know that she is a miracle. “God heard my prayer, and He redeemed me,” she said.

Angry Fans

Following the documentary’s release, angry fans and other critics posted rebuttal videos and articles, calling the documentary disgusting, manipulative, and harmful. Others were horrified that the family would compare abortion to the Holocaust, as the video compared the number of babies killed in abortions to the number of people killed in the Holocaust along with other genocides.

The suppression of this beautiful documentary shows that Big Tech is becoming more fearless and blatant with its unconstitutional censorship. It is appalling that these platforms would work to silence a message that provides help, information, and resources to women who desperately need it.

Why would Big Tech do this? What is in it for them to silence alternatives to abortion?

All babies, no matter the circumstances, are fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving God. They deserve a chance to live, not to be snuffed out before their first breath.

As we pray that this genocide will come to an end, we hope that soon, despite their best efforts, Big Tech won’t be able to censor the outcry of support and love for all children — born and preborn.