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Biden Wanted To ‘Restore The Soul of America.’ Here’s How Much That Cost You (So Far)

All of this is thanks to the man who promised he would ‘lower the temperature,’ ‘bring the country together,’ and ‘restore the soul of America.’


Each and every time President Biden or any given White House official appears on TV, I imagine everyone watching feels his heart drop, dead certain that more bad news is about to be delivered. Seriously, when was the last time any administration official said something positive?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s red hair flashed across my screen Monday, and I had no doubt that whatever was about to come out of her mouth was going to ruin my day. Psaki: “We expect March [Consumer Price Index] headline inflation to be extraordinarily elevated due to Putin’s price hike.”

The Labor Department announced the next day that consumer prices were up 8.5 percent from a year ago, the highest rate of inflation in more than 40 years.

Never fails! It turns out the only time you can assume Psaki isn’t lying is when she’s telling you how bad things are or how bad they’re about to get. To that end, under Biden, what exactly is going well in America?

—Gas prices are up almost 20 percent from this time last year.

—The latest numbers from Customs and Border Protection show aliens are still crossing into the country at tens of thousands of numbers higher than before Biden was president. In February of last year, agents encountered 101,000 illegal border crossers. This year, 165,000. And 2021 was even well higher than in 2020 (36,000 illegal crossings) and 2019 (76,000).

—New Covid cases have plummeted in recent weeks, but that was after the highest wave of infection throughout the entire pandemic. That one occurred between November and mid-January and nearly quadrupled the peak rate of infection seen during Trump’s entire tenure as president.

—Our biggest cities are seeing the highest levels of violent crime than they have in decades.

—In what would have to be the greatest political irony in a generation, Biden and Democrats, who were hysterical about Trump supposedly being soft on Russia, have now looked on for almost two months as Vladimir Putin orders his military to fully invade their precious Ukraine and murder hundreds of women and children.

—Biden’s department picks play out their sexual kinks in public. (Gather ’round, children! Rachel Levine joins us today from Human Health Services to read us a story!)

All of this is thanks to the man who promised voters he would “lower the temperature,” “bring the country together,” and “restore the soul of America.”

Only in Biden’s America does getting your soul back and turning off the heat actually cost something.