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Democrats Aren’t Just Extreme Anymore. They’re Weird And Gross


There’s an article in The New York Times that every Democrat leader should immediately read, if only for this one quote from Isabell Sawhill of the left-wing Brookings Institution: “This large group includes some people who are just plain prejudiced but a larger group that simply resents all the attention paid to race, gender, sexual preference or identity and the disrespect they think this entails for those with more traditional views and lifestyles.”

Sawhill was talking specifically about “white working class” Americans who have drifted from the Democrat Party, though she could just as easily have been talking about literally any group of voters. And she just as easily could have summarized it this way: “As Democrats become more weird and gross, they predictably become less popular.”

When Sawhill refers to “all the attention,” she means the absolute obsessions that have become the defining features of the party: racial “equity,” transgenderism, “toxic masculinity,” slavery— oh, and protecting the right of public school teachers to educate seven-year-olds about recreational sex.

What’s not to like?!

That Democrats are expected to lose their control of the House and possibly the Senate in this year’s election isn’t a surprise. Along with President Biden, they’ve been a complete disaster in their attempt to run the country. They’ve allowed violent crime to surge. They’ve caused prices on everything to go up. They refuse to do anything about the catastrophe at the southern border. And we’re literally on the cusp of spiraling into World War III.

All of this is happening precisely because Democrats have decided that nothing is more important than race, gender and sexual identity. It’s not even close. Inflation? Doesn’t exist (okay, it exists but it will work itself out!) The border? Not a problem. Crime? Well, too many black and brown people are getting locked up so let’s talk about something else. Afghanistan? Ukraine? Wait a second, somebody stop Ron DeSantis! He’s preventing teachers from explaining to children why some men enjoy wearing high heels and panties!

Democrats have taken the seriousness out of everything with their preoccupation with pronouns, “diversity,” and gender identity.

Mr. President, we might have to shoot down some Russian aircraft, which would sharply escalate our role in the Ukraine conflict.

Okay, let’s decide who gets to pull the trigger. Bring me names of some non-binary queers, throw in some womxn of color and a few Latinx. No Asians, please!

This is barely even hyperbole. One of the Biden administration’s high ranking officials at the Energy Department is a “non-binary drag queen” with a public “dog-role” fetish. Biden’s Supreme Court nominee this week declined to define the word “woman.” And his ambassador to the United Nations declared last year that “the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”

It’s all ridiculous, all race and sex, all the time.

It’s not extreme. It’s weird. It’s gross.

It’s the Democratic Party.