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Kamala Harris Quotes As Motivational Posters, Because The Time To Be Inspired Is Every Day

Kamala Harris quote
Image CreditFDRLST / Canva, image modified from The White House / Flickr

Post these on Twitter to show everyone how much you admire strong women and love paying more money for gas and groceries.


Presumably because of her inspirational performance as czar of the Southern border crisis, President Joe Biden sent Vice President Kamala Harris to Poland to represent the United States as Europe and NATO grapple with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That trip resulted in moments like a really awkward outburst of cackling in response to a question about Ukrainian refugees, a reaction Harris has delivered before in response to serious questions about things like the deadly U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the migrant crisis at our own border.

But Harris has another special talent, in addition to her incredible penchant for laughing at all the wrong moments. She has an incredible ability to say absolute gibberish and then look genuinely inspired by herself. We can all benefit from a little of that inspiration, reminding us that lying is what Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been doing, and the day she does it is every day.

Or was it that paying higher gas prices is what we’ve all been doing and the time for it is every day? Or that inflation is rising and the time it does is every day?

Either way, she’s an inspiration, putting to shame even our cultural bastions of profound wisdom like Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey.

In Harris’ honor, here are some high-quality motivational posters featuring some of her most inspirational quotes. Feel free to print them out and frame them, alongside your certificate of getting your seventh Covid booster and your “I’ve never been to Europe” vintage travel poster. Or post them on Twitter to show everyone how much you admire strong women and love paying more money for groceries. Be inspired, and you’re welcome.

There was this profound reminder, from Harris’s inspiring spiel suggesting that Americans struggling at the gas pump just shell out $56,000 and change for an electric car.

There was also this teambuilding charge, from a November trip to France. (The only thing that would have made it more inspirational is if she’d said it in a French accent … but that was a different point on the trip.)

Then there was this resurfaced insight about her voter base from 2014, which may be the truest thing she’s ever said.

And of course, Harris’ helpful foreign policy expertise was on display in a radio interview earlier in March.

She also has profound insights as to what living in rural America is actually like.

And then there was this remark about the country’s Covid response, which is so wise it could be applied to literally almost any situation (unless, of course, what you’re doing is bad like shutting down the country or causing inflation or trying to start a war, in which case it is time to stop doing what you have been doing every day and do something else).

Then, in a February speech at the White House, Harris proved her sanguine ability to leave the teleprompter behind.

In addition to uncomfortably laughing at a question about Ukrainian refugees, Harris used a press conference in Poland last week to deliver this inspiring reminder of what we know, and what we don’t.

Finally, her most iconic phrase, which she has a seemingly endless ability to work into any conversation.