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FLASHBACK: Kamala Harris Laughs Off Biden’s Rejection Of Executive Orders On Gun Control

Biden said the president cannot make an executive order on banning guns. Harris said she would do it in the 100 days of her presidency.


During a Democratic primary debate last fall, Sen. Kamala Harris laughed at former Vice President Joe Biden for saying the Constitution prevents the President from using executive action to implement gun control. 

The moderator reminded the debate audience that Harris said she would take executive action on guns within the first 100 days of her presidency, including banning imports of AR-15s. 

He contrasted that with Biden who had said: “You can’t do it by executive order any more than Trump can do things when he says he can do it by executive order”. The moderator then asked Harris, “Does the vice president have a point there?”

 “I mean I would just say ‘Hey Joe, instead of saying ‘no, we can’t’, let’s say ‘yes, we can’,’” cackled Harris in response to the softball question. 

Harris has not only advocated for a ban on the importation of AR-15s, but, among other things, wants to implement universal background checks, ban semi-automatic rifles, repeal the NRA’s corporate gun manufacturer immunity shield (PLCAA), criminalize gun trafficking at the federal level, ban high-capacity magazines, and prohibit people convicted of a federal hate crime from buying guns.

Even though Biden seems to understand the Second Amendment, he doesn’t appear to have much knowledge on guns themselves. Back in March while on the campaign trial, Biden had a heated exchange with a Detroit auto worker over gun rights.

The voter accused Biden of wanting to confiscate guns. Biden fired back saying the man was “full of sh*t” and that no one was going to take away his “AR-14.”  The blunder was another comical viral moment to add to the ever-growing list of Biden gaffes.


The policy disagreement is just another example of why the Biden/Harris dynamic duo seems only to have shameless opportunism in common. What is the takeaway? Kamala will take your AR-15, and Joe has pledged to protect your AR-14.