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Washington Post Slurs Best American Jurist Ever For ‘Thinking Like A White Man’

Clarence Thomas’s influence must not be reduced to his race because that characterization inherently contradicts everything he stands for.


The Washington Post’s attempt to smear Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for thinking like a white man is a completely incorrect interpretation of the justice’s legal legacy.

In an article published on Wednesday, The Washington Post, which has a history of being racist towards black conservatives, claimed that Thomas is a “Black justice whose rulings often resemble the thinking of White conservatives.”

This gross mischaracterization by WaPo “reporters” Cleve R. Wootson Jr. and Marianna Sotomayor quickly earned the wrath of conservatives on Twitter prompting the corporate media to issue a “clarification.”

“A previous version of this story imprecisely referred to Justice Clarence Thomas’s opinions as often reflecting the thinking of White conservatives, rather than conservatives broadly. That reference has been removed,” the update at the top of the article states.

It is insulting that The Washington Post and so many others, such as President Joe Biden who significantly reduced his search for a qualified SCOTUS nominee based on racist and sexist standards, think it is acceptable to define the intelligence, honesty, or patriotism of someone, especially a Supreme Court justice, by his skin color.

WaPo’s attempt to insult Thomas not only exposes the corporate media outlet’s hatred for what it deems to be “white conservative” politics but claims that anyone who earns the respect of conservatives through hard and admirable work must somehow be of the same disgusting breed.

Race obsession is on the rise in U.S. politics and media thanks to Democrats’ willingness to peddle it and that’s why the left hates Thomas. The second black American to assume a position on the highest court in the land contradicts everything leftists preach about race and power.

Thomas’s life is a beautiful example of the American dream and how he worked his way up with integrity and character from the streets of segregated Savannah, Ga., to the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. As a result, he is repeatedly defamed by Democrats and their media cronies.

Thomas is no stranger to attacks from the corporate media and the left. During his confirmation, he was assailed with false reports of sexual assault that were peddled to stop him from assuming the bench. In recent years, the media has called for Thomas’s impeachment due to these decades-old allegations, which were riddled with falsehoods and inconsistencies.

In 2015, Star Trek actor and leftist activist George Takei called Thomas a “clown in black face” because the justice dissented in the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling. Shortly after, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd said Thomas was a “creepy guy who acted pervy” in an effort to dig up those past allegations despite countless defenses of his character from his women colleagues. Just last year, Amazon censored the justice’s documentary for no apparent reason other than a political one. More recently, the New Yorker tried to drudge up a controversy, which was a dud, over Thomas based on his wife’s political activities.

Despite the left’s attempts to tear him down, Thomas remains a resilient fighter for Americans and the Constitution. He cares about protecting unborn babies, freedom of speech, and preserving the nation’s essence. The left constantly assails Thomas but for what? The crime of consistently ruling in line with the philosophy and vision of the Founding Fathers who wanted “liberty and justice for all.”

It’s fair to say that after the justice’s more than 30 “distinguished” years on the bench, The Washington Post’s interpretation of Thomas is all wrong. Thomas’s thinking has shaped the way all conservatives today think, regardless of their race. He is a great thinker who is not only admired in conservative circles but has inspired them. Thomas’s influence cannot and should not be reduced to his race because that characterization inherently contradicts everything he stands for.