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Biden’s Pledge To Nominate A Black Woman For SCOTUS Is Racist And Sexist

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the MLK Memorial
Image CreditOfficial White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Joe Biden is a complete embarrassment and making major steps backward for our nation in hiring people based on their race and sex.


Joe Biden affirmed he will again institutionalize government racism and sexism through his selection of a nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy soon arising due to Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement.

The president of the United States has repeatedly stated that he uses race and sex as his selection criteria for top government posts. He made that clear during his campaign, saying that he would use race and sex as his baseline criteria for picking his vice president and cabinet.

Biden wasn’t even shy about it, like the Ivy Leagues have been about “affirmative action,” which majorities of Americans of all racial backgrounds rightly oppose. Rather than coyly claiming to seek a “diversity” that everyone knows is code for hiring people with politically favored skin tones, Biden openly proclaimed he uses skin color and sexual organs to choose staff.

Biden has a long track record of weaponizing race and using it as a political tool.

Joy Behar isn’t worthy to tie Clarence Thomas’s shoes and she feels free to go on national television and say he’s a bad black man in the same category as a mass rapist and mass murderer because she doesn’t like his judicial philosophy — a philosophy she can’t even comprehend.

This kind of racial patronizing and demands that people “stay in their racial lane” should get people kicked off the air and their careers canceled. Instead, it’s beamed directly into the brains of America’s soccer moms because apparently political consultants believe being racist will get people to vote for Democrats.

This makes me sick. When I was a girl, my momma taught me that in America, we don’t treat people any differently due to their skin color. She taught me that’s an evil thing, and she learned it coming of age in Detroit during the civil rights movement. Most Americans alive today learned the same thing from our parents and schools. We hate this and find it utterly repulsive. This is not the America we want, not at all.

Historically, the United States has been likely the least racist country in the world. Despite well-known and very painful struggles with institutional and personal racism in our country, the United States has also been a shining example of citizens largely working together across ethnicities and differences in our outward appearances.

We are certainly better than almost every other country in the world in this regard. Ethnic wars and violent conflicts are common in history and globally, and while the United States has seen some of this as well, our legal and cultural ideals of equality before the law have kept us in better shape than most in terms of ethnic conflict. Even our Civil War over racial subjugation consisted of mostly white people fighting white people!

Also, even when the United States legally sanctioned the evil practice of chattel slavery, it was Western nations including the United States that led the world in outlawing that immoral practice endemic in every society going back to the dawn of humankind. Today, Americans are nearly unanimous in support for interracial dating and marriages, one top marker of racial acceptance and integration.

The American left’s sickening neo-racism as demonstrated in Biden’s use of race and sex to pick people for government leadership posts is completely anti-American. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. believed and said they were working to make good on our nation’s founding affirmation of the great and universal truth that “all men are created equal.” Now our nation’s top leaders instead work to communicate the disgusting idea that “some men are created more equal than others” based on performance-indifferent personal characteristics people are born with and cannot change.

It’s shameful to see our president declare self righteously that he bestows government authority based on people’s skin color and sex. Joe Biden is a complete embarrassment and making major steps backward for our nation.

Our nation has worked very hard to get away from this poison. People died, were beaten by police, lost jobs, and made other huge personal sacrifices to bring about a United States in which “they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.” Is this what we’re going to do with what these Americans sacrificed to achieve?

What a slap in the face, by the way, to Breyer. Nothing says, “Thanks for your service!” like a president effectively deciding you’re unfit to fill the very post you just vacated because he believes it’s politically convenient to discriminate against the skin hue and gonads you were born with. But that’s what the left does. In two years, Breyer will have his namesakes and statues ripped down, just like Lincoln. That’s what they call progress.

Today’s left also calls “progress” picking a woman for her boobs instead of her brains, and a judge for her skin color instead of her adherence to the law. They also claim that a nominee should be immune to all criticism and gain unthinking support from elected representatives based solely on her skin color and biological sex.

I call this disgustingly racist and sexist. It is not progress, it is retrogression. Americans should not tolerate social Jim Crow dynamics like these any more than we tolerated Jim Crow laws in the second half of the 20th century. I don’t want to go through another round of mass civil unrest to re-establish that American ideal, either. Neither should anyone else, but that’s what this kind of sex- and race-baiting will lead to if left unchecked.