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YouTube Bans LGBT People From Finding Effective Treatment For Trauma

Research demonstrating how trauma treatment changes sexual feelings has just been scrubbed from YouTube’s record.


I’m a clinical psychologist, and I help my clients resolve their traumatic memories. In the process, these clients often report spontaneous changes in their sexual feelings, and these changes may lead them away from LGBT attractions and toward heterosexual ones.

I’m not alone in observing this. A two-year study with a good sample size revealed the same thing. So I talked about this study on my YouTube channel. 

This turned out to be a mistake. Big Tech, at the behest of left-wing activists, decided to censor information about sexual shifts that move any client on the sexuality spectrum away from “gay” and toward “straight.” These outcomes, which would be celebrated if they moved a client the other direction, which can be life-transforming results for some people.

Human sexuality is complex, and is changed by our life experiences. Working through traumatic experiences, such as childhood sexual molestation and peer labeling, can trigger dramatic changes in a person’s sexual identity.

I work regularly with victims of past trauma who report emotional distress, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, a subsection of these clients live with a political “hot button” issue that makes them anathema to activists in our society: they have same-sex attractions that they believe do not reflect “who they are.” These men have long suspected that events in their past have affected their sexuality. 

My practice has found, through science-based, client-led therapy, that some men can make shifts along the sexual-fluidity spectrum—not just regarding their attraction to people of the same sex, but towards being attracted to women.

Last month, The Hill gave a platform to activists who declared Reintegrative Therapy—the work my practice developed and which we use every day— to be “hateful” and “harmful.” They cited a report by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE), which is run by people who used to work for the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center. The GPAHE campaign explicitly works to pressure tech media companies to remove content on unwanted same-sex attraction.

In response to these reports, YouTube permanently banned my account of research showing the harm reduction gained through Reintegrative Therapy. In doing so, YouTube has cut off sexual-abuse victims from learning about alternatives for their lives and sexuality. I have reposted the videos on Odysee so the thousands of people who have found these videos helpful can continue to search, find, and use them.

The study I mentioned above was peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Human Sexuality. Its independent researchers determined that the approach I use, which focuses on resolving traumatic memories, is associated with decreases in psychological distress, such as decreases in depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

It will often, but not always, measurably reduce unwanted sexual behaviors as a spontaneous byproduct. In other words, clients often experience a shift in sexual attraction as a byproduct of dealing with their past trauma. Identical methods are used by Reintegrative Therapy in the treatment of binge-eating disorders.

This treatment method is distinct from the much-maligned (and sometimes legally banned) “conversion therapy,” as it does not seek to change a client’s sexuality. Change, when it occurs, is a byproduct of the resolution of trauma.

I actually agree with SPLC’s discredited alums that abusive therapies should be banned. That is good for society as a whole, and it is good for individuals who may confuse abusive practices with licensed, qualified help.

Unfortunately, Big Tech, Big Media, and LGBT activists have gone overboard. They risk “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” by denying clients whose values and worldview are different from their own from learning about effective therapies.

Objective science doesn’t care about political agendas. Everyone should put those seeking help first, now and always.