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Science On Covid And Kids Hasn’t Changed, Only The Politics Has

Only one circumstance has changed, and it has nothing to do with science. It has to do with the calendar year.


When the forced masking of children and other heavy-handed Covid-19 restrictions were enacted, it was always understood that they would be lifted as soon as possible, said “expert” and medical analyst Leana Wen on CNN this week. “Circumstances have changed,” she announced. “The science has changed.”

This is a lie, not just partisan spin or a good-faith following of the science. It’s is a bald-faced lie, and it’s the same lie now being pushed by corporate media, the so-called expert class, and many Democrats as the framing for all their Covid-related backtracking.

It’s time to unmask the children. Why? Because the “science has changed.” Stop looking at case counts because the “science has changed.” If the people around you aren’t wearing masks but you are, it’s OK. You’re protected by your own mask because “the science has changed.”

These talking points from Wen are the same ones now littering the pages of our legacy papers and daily circulating the airwaves of the corrupt media-sphere. They run beside segments and articles, full of performative shock, that finally acknowledge the harms parents warned of. How could we have known?

The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Washington Post are suddenly saying it might be time to take masks off schoolchildren. “Districts should rethink imposing on millions of children an intervention that provides little discernible benefit,” an Atlantic article gaslit readers two weeks ago.

And here’s more gaslighting from Wen: “The responsibility should shift from a government mandate imposed from the state or the local district of the school. Rather it should shift to the individual responsibility by the family, who can still decide that their child can wear a mask if needed.” Because again — you guessed it — things have changed.

If you’ve had these very same opinions slapped with a fake Facebook “fact-check” or nuked from YouTube for “misinformation,” or if you’ve been steadfastly showing up at school board meetings to get your kids back in the classroom and unmasked after two years of an anti-educational circus, you know the science hasn’t suddenly changed.

You watched as your child’s mental health and speech development nosedived — long before the experts gave a rip — and that your child had a 99.998 percent chance of surviving Covid from the start, but were smeared as a domestic terrorist when you said so. You’ve always known a spike in case counts means nothing relative to a spike in deaths. None of the recent goalpost-shifting has been the result of some huge scientific breakthrough.

You also knew based on elementary-level reasoning that if a certain mask affords any protection from an airborne virus, it must logically protect the wearer, not merely the bystanders. Not to mention, you did your homework and knew those flimsy cloth masks required by petty government and school diktats were not stopping the spread. Both opinions were scoffed out of polite society but are now acknowledged as true because circumstances, they are a-changin’.

But only one circumstance has changed, and it has nothing to do with science and data — unless the science was an experiment to test parents’ patience and the data is the number of infuriated Americans calling B.S. on Democrats’ twisted games.

The thing that’s changed is the calendar year. It’s 2022, and Democrats are beginning to evaluate the numbers: the number of months left until November, the number of vulnerable seats they stand to lose, the administration’s abysmal poll numbers that somehow just keep reaching new lows, and the number of voters they need to woo in order to maintain their razor-thin grip on power.

Democrats watched what happened in Virginia. They watched as the state that went blue 10 points for Joe Biden in 2020 suddenly flipped red when their party messed with parents by exploiting children in their radical gender-bending, race propagandizing, and pandemic fearmongering.

They’ve witnessed the approval ratings of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris plummet, with the president who promised to “shut down the virus” moving from nearly 56 percent approval after his inauguration to almost 54 percent disapproval now. Harris’s job performance has likewise been a trainwreck.

Meanwhile, grassroots efforts are cropping up all across the country in response to the left’s pandemic policies and derision for the little man. Parents who have never before taken an interest in politics are running to unseat school board bullies who’ve sat idly by while masked children suffer.

Americans are leaving their jobs over medical coercion and even donating to anti-mandate freedom fighters in other countries. Even brave students, who will soon be of voting age if they aren’t yet, are respectfully telling their teachers and school administrators enough is enough.

The same Americans who were smart enough to see through “remote learning,” child masking, vaccine mandates, face-covering theater, elitist hypocrisy, and “all in this together” nonsense — but were once powerless to stop it — are also smart enough to see through the lie that “the science has changed.”

But they aren’t powerless anymore. In 2022, they have the power of the ballot box. Democrats know this, and so the scramble begins.