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Poll: Only 28 Percent Of Americans Think Kamala Harris Is Doing A Good Job

Kamala Harris

According to a new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University, 51.2 percent of Americans disapprove of ‘the job Kamala Harris has done as Vice President.’


The American public’s opinion of Vice President Kamala Harris and her track record as President Joe Biden’s supposed right-hand woman is tanking, a new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University found.

According to the survey conducted over the phone Nov. 3-5, 51.2 percent of Americans disapprove of “the job Kamala Harris has done as Vice President.” While it’s been months since Harris relented after scandalously refusing to visit the southern U.S. border despite a raging crisis, voters still do not hold her in high esteem. Harris’s approval rating is hovering at just 28 percent, which is 10 points lower than the public’s view of the president.

Biden’s approval is also backsliding at an alarming rate, as Democrats grow more concerned about their party’s performance in the upcoming 2022 midterms. The same poll that exposed the public’s low opinion of Harris also found that a majority of Americans, 59 percent, disapprove of the president’s track record 11 months into his tenure in the White House.

Of those surveyed, 46 percent, including 16 percent who cast a vote for the Democrat, say Biden has underperformed at his job since getting elected. Among independents, 44 percent agree that Biden has done a worse job in office than they expected.

Biden told reporters last week, “I didn’t run to determine how well I’m going to do in the polls,” but his words are not convincing a majority of Americans, 64 percent, who say they do not support Biden running for a second presidential term. That’s a higher number than the 58 percent opposed to former President Donald Trump running again. Of that 64 percent, 28 percent identify as Democrats.