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Twix’s Endorsement of Child Crossdressing Is Just The Latest Elite Effort To Groom Kids

Drag Kid

What do “Blues Clues,” a corporate titan of the pet food and candy industries, literal pedophiles over at Sex Offender Story Hour, and this “gay for pay” Yale professor all have in common? Like so many within our elite institutions, they all share a deep desire to groom your children and see your prepubescent son publicly crossdress. 

Twix, which is owned by Mars, just released an ad that features a crossdressing boy publicly wearing a dress while being supervised by his nanny, who is a witch. A second child asks why the first is wearing a dress and points out that the crossdressing child looks “weird,” prompting the witch to make him disappear, with the ad alluding to his disappearance being permanent.

The ad was tweeted out by an account operated by Freeform TV, a channel within the ABC Family Network, which is owned by Disney and airs content that is intended to be viewed by a young audience. 

The ad does more than just hijack the innocent tradition of dressing up for Halloween to encourage gender confusion in children, however. It also teaches that the proper response to those who disagree with you and enforce basic standards of normalcy is to act out with system-approved violence.

In our perverse system of neo-liberal totalitarianism, pre-pubescent expressions of deviant sexuality are sacred. Challenges are heresies that must be snuffed out by force!

Our Elite’s Cultural Rot Is System-Wide

When one envisions a shadowy elite hellbent on transforming our society for the worst, the Federal Reserve, Blackrock, and the United Nations likely all come to mind before a candy and pet food corporation or Cartoon Network. But the fact that Mars has directed its resources to an advertisement devoid of chocolate that grooms children reveals just how thorough the rot of our ruling class is. 

At first glance, the only indication that Mars has gone woke is their Inclusion and Diversity statement, in which they brag about hiring fewer men and fewer white people. As you keep scrolling, you’re met with a multitude of articles and press releases dating back to 2019, each boasting leftist talking points. “Mars Associates Reflect On Pride Month” discusses equity and intersectionality while “A Personal Perspective on the Recent Events In the U.S.” condemns “deeply-rooted discrimination and injustice.”

What does any of this have to do with candy? Is this ad with a crossdressing child really going to help them sell more Twix bars? Are they even advertising chocolate anymore? Wait, are we even sure Twix is a chocolate company?

Is there anybody out there who’d have specifically avoided Mars chocolate if she didn’t have assurance that the company wasn’t a stalwart supporter of children dressing in drag? Would even the most stereotypical, blue-haired, unhinged, Sanders-supporting, soy latte-sipping leftist stop mid-bite to ensure that Mars had echoed the right buzzwords to denote its support for the latest symptom of our civilizational decline?

It’s a testament to the left’s success that otherwise apolitical institutions have been bent to their will so completely, even to the point of sexualizing children en masse. More importantly for us, it’s a testament to the necessity of our victory. The stakes are too high to permit any other outcome.

Keep in mind, none of this is depravity is necessitated by the grassroots, that is to say, by their customer base. It’s all artificial. Astro-turfed. Top-down. This is not a response to market demands, but a coordinated hit on the innocence of children.

The Top-Down Push To Groom Children and Distort Identity

Beyond just being a perverted propaganda piece from a chocolate company, this ad was given the stamp of approval by Freeform, a Disney subsidiary, another indication that the push to impute perverse sexual identities on children is system-wide.

Rather than merely being outraged by this piece of corporate-backed gender propaganda, it’s worth examining within the context of such wide-reaching cultural decay. This ad is not a novel development that should be particularly surprising, but an outgrowth of a system that has already made the innocence of children one of its primary targets. Examples abound.

Rebecca Sugar identifies as non-binary and is the creator of the popular children’s show “Steven Universe,” which airs on Cartoon Network. The show won an award from GLAAD and has been lauded by the same organization as featuring “what is perhaps the queerest moment ever made for children’s animation.”

This article from The Guardian glowingly reports on five different children’s cartoons that peddle perversions, including “Too Loud,” which includes a biological boy who wants to be a girl and crossdresses to get into an all-girls slumber party.  The recent rape of a girl in Loudoun County should remind us of the dangers of allowing men into all-women spaces, as well as propaganda which frames such access as a moral imperative.

One government-run high school was caught showcasing “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” a book of gay pornography that also featured confusion surrounding gender identity in its library, a heinous move that the superintendent defended. The book was also specifically promoted to children by both an offshoot of the American Library Association and the School Library Journal.

A different book titled “Beyond the Gender Binary” is marketed on Amazon to children ages 12-17. Alok Vain-Menon is the author, a “gender non-conforming writer” who has been featured by such prominent outlets as “HBO, MTV, NBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, and more.”

Wealthy San Francisco leftists pooled money to fund Sex Offender Story Time, which has since been responsible for bringing pedophiles into contact with children on multiple occasions and was aided by a man who was charged with seven counts of child porn possession. Meanwhile, sex criminals like these received intellectual support from Yale professor Joe Fischel, who has dedicated much of his career to intellectualizing the pathology of pedophilia.

Children whose parents aren’t willing to endanger them by taking them to a Sex Offender Story Hour may still be threatened by simply having a smartphone. Not only is porn, the negative ramifications of which cannot be understated, easily accessible to all ages, but apps like Snapchat frequently traffic in depravity. The social media giant boasts 166 million active daily users and 301 million active monthly users, 23 percent of whom have not graduated from high school. It is also the No. 1 social media app for teens.

Snapchat News has exposed untold millions to the degenerate program “Love Don’t Judge,” which frequently highlights polyamory and features repulsive episodes like “I Pretend To Be A Puppy For My BF” and “My Boyfriend Gave Birth To Our Baby.” The series also contains episodes about a child who began transitioning at 8 years old and a transgender couple who is raising their child to be gender fluid.

Who can forget the time when “Good Morning America” trotted out a child drag queen, lauding him with praise and gifts and painting him as a role model for other children, or the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir performing a song with lyrics that read “We’ll convert your children“?

These institutions are not responding to a public that’s clamoring for gay sex in children’s books, nor is there any significant organic demand for transgender cartoon characters. Nevertheless, this assault on childhood innocence is not confined to any single sector and our descent into depravity has only accelerated since the sexual revolution of the sixties.

The origin of this push is elite in nature and virtually all-encompassing. In an even remotely sane society, the sexual identities of pre-teens wouldn’t be tolerated as an acceptable topic of discussion, let alone a target of a propaganda campaign.

Such heinous attempts to scar the innocence of children also provide a needed reminder that our society isn’t suffering from intolerance, but of a dangerous permissiveness that poses a tangible threat to children. Tolerance of evil is vice. Intolerance of evil is virtue.